Multiverse Chronicles (OPM)

Roy is your ordinary corporate slave, grindin' with no pay for overtime, then suddenly, as he passes through the walmart door, he's whisked away to a strange yet familiar world, filled with the duality of extreme good and evil. Can Roy survive in a world where disaster strikes every day? Nobody knows. An endless journey in the boundless ocean to discover the awaited and meaningful end of a journey. That's... The Multiverse Chronicles --- 1. One Punch Man - On Going 2. Campione - Waiting

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16 After Dreams Shattered

Dr. Genus stared dumbfoundedly at the scene before him.

What was happening in front of him was so far beyond his imagination that it stopped his thoughts altogether.

Saitama didn't feel the slightest bit of satisfaction from defeating the Carnage Kabuto in one punch. Regretting his mistake about the date, he held his head in his hands and cried out to the sky.

"Uwaaaaahhhh... I can't believe, I can't believe I got the date wrong, aaaaahhh..."

"Sensei!" Genos, who had recovered from his daze, hurriedly ran down from the wall when he saw Saitama in extreme distress.

"Hey, it's just missing a sale day, relax a bit."

"Shut up! How could a spendthrift like you, who spends money like water, possibly understand the feelings of a poor person like me!"

In this world, is being rich also considered a sin?

"Isn't that right?" Roy sighed slightly. "Anyway, I also stocked up on ingredients today, so I'll treat you to a meal as promised."

"Oh, okay!" Saitama revived.

No, it's more accurate to say that this guy was just pretending, right?

There was not a hint of despair or any other sad expression on his face. Instead, upon hearing that he could eat and drink for free, he became energetic and his face lit up with a smile.


This shamelessly greedy behavior really left Roy speechless.

Clearly, with his power, he could have anything from delicacies to rarities, right?

Although he complained like this, to some extent, Roy was quite similar to Saitama.

Actually, for humans, the value that Roy could create was much greater than Saitama's. As long as Roy was willing to participate in social progress and lead the direction of the times, the future of this world would accelerate its arrival.

It might be said that the value of the Dark Matter created by Roy alone was not enough to provide for the entire society.

But where there's a will, there's a way.

In fact, there was no need for genuine Dark Matter. Secondary Dark Matter could also meet the developmental needs of the entire human world... at least until it becomes a second-tier civilization.

And for Roy, making secondary Dark Matter was a piece of cake.

In other words, infinite glory, infinite radiance, and infinite wealth were also available to Roy. But just like how someone couldn't understand why Saitama, despite having such strong powers, didn't acknowledge his own strength and wasn't too attached, Roy also turned a blind eye to it.

"Well, since things are settled, let's go back."

"Okay, Saitama-sensei."

After a moment, Saitama turned back to look at Roy, who was still standing motionless. "Roy, aren't you coming?"

"You guys go ahead. I have something to take care of."


Although still somewhat puzzled, Saitama didn't continue to question.

He didn't think about whether Roy was up to something bad.

It wasn't that he had absolute trust in Roy, thinking that Roy was someone who would never go astray. It was more of a belief that if Roy really did something outrageous, he would intervene to resolve it.

But in fact, as long as it didn't involve trying to cause large-scale destruction or devastation, Saitama didn't think it was going astray.

"Then good luck."

Leaving these words behind, Saitama left gracefully. Genos glanced at Roy and quickly followed in Saitama's footsteps.

Roy approached Dr. Genus.

Dr. Genus chuckled self-deprecatingly, "Are you here to kill me? If so, then get on with it."

It seemed like he had given up on himself.

However, Dr. Genus' resignation wasn't because the Carnage Kabuto was defeated.

It was because of Saitama, right?

If it were just the Carnage Kabuto being defeated, Dr. Genus wouldn't have completely abandoned his dream. He already considered the Carnage Kabuto to be inferior. Suppose Saitama had won after a fierce battle with the Carnage Kabuto. In that case, Dr. Genus would have regarded Saitama even more as a target.

But the overwhelming power that Saitama displayed, surpassing all things, shattered Dr. Genus' long-standing pursuit and dedication. It led him into a sage-like state of nothing matters anymore.

"I'm not a murderer... And I'm not a righteous hero either." Roy replied. "For the sake of pursuing your so-called new world and new humanity, I'm sure you've committed countless sins. But that's not the reason I want to kill you."

"T-Then what do you want?" Dr. Genus raised his head.

"I want all of your research results."


Roy squatted down, palms facing Dr. Genus' pineapple-like body, and a layer of white mist infiltrated Dr. Genus' body.

Dr. Genus' eyes widened slightly. "Is this the same ability you used to chop off the Carnage Kabuto just now?"

He felt his body relax.

The pain disappeared, and the injuries and damage on his body quickly healed.

"You can think of it as nanomachines, countless and invisible to the naked eye, entering your body to repair damaged areas... It's that simple."

"I see." Pushing his glasses, Dr. Genus said, "Nanobots... they can be used as weapons and medical devices. If so, it's probably easy to simulate viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms and unleash a global pandemic. It's effortless to annihilate humanity in an instant, like a fantasy technology."

"Your ideas are too destructive, aren't they?" Roy was speechless.

"This is just a little experience I've summed up in my brief life. The emergence of human technology always carries malice. Even though its positive effects can change the world, the potential for destruction alongside the benefits for humanity remains unchanged. Although nuclear technology can solve energy problems, everyone still fears the destructive power of nuclear weapons." Dr. Genus said. "So, understanding your ability from a weapon standpoint is just a natural train of thought... Anyway, do you want my research findings? Then follow me."

With that said, Dr. Genus led the way.

"I'm surprised. I thought you would come with conditions." Roy remarked.

"I'm not an idiot. It's obvious that I'm at a disadvantage now and have no right to negotiate conditions." Dr. Genus replied. "Besides, those things are meaningless to me now... I'll also stop related work from now on."

Although he said so.

But Roy could still hear a hint of melancholy in Dr. Genus's voice. However, that was all there was to it. There was no compassion. Now, there was only the joy of acquiring new technology and knowledge. And it could also be felt that what Dr. Genus said was true. In this vast underground space, there wasn't just the Carnage Kabuto, but other reactions as well. If Dr. Genus wanted to resist a little, he probably could.

"I research biology, especially genetic engineering. If you want it, it means your nanomachines weren't something you developed from scratch but rather a supernatural ability, right? Did some organ undergo a mutation?" Dr. Genus paused for a moment. "Sorry, even though I've given up, I can't help but want to understand from a professional perspective."

"... It's okay. The situation is pretty much as you guessed."

"Is that so?" Dr. Genus nodded. "Then I hope my research can help you."

After saying this, the two didn't have any more conversation.


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