Multiple Covers in Bungo Stray Dogs Book

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Multiple Covers in Bungo Stray Dogs


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Yokohama implements Tripartite Tactic, a framework aiming at preserving the balance and order of Yokohama. The Special Division and the Military Police were tapped to oversee and handle affairs during the Daytime, the Port Mafia at Night, and the Armed Detective Agency in the Twilight. However, there are claims about a Secrets Organization operating in Yokohama that rivals the power of the three powerhouses with unknown members lurking in shadows. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Ayanaki Rui woke up in Bungo Stray Dogs World. Ayanaki Rui: I don't think I'm capable enough to face these people! (Madly creating fake identities under her Ability: [Blood and Bones]) ------------------------------------------------------------------ Main Character is set as a person with Social Phobia but calm as long she's not present in person (will improve afterwards). MC has amnesia!


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