1 Ch 1- Waking Up

"Hello, How are you feeling now? MR Rivers." I heard a voice call waking me up from my sleep.

groggily, i tried my best to fight the heaviness surrounding my eyes.though i failed.

"Looks like it will take few more days for him to come out of it."said the voice.

"He must have been affected the most since he was the first one petrified. Cleary petrification for so long has certain effects."said another gruff like voice.

'Petrified?does that even happen' I thought.

"We were finally able to prepare the Draught using the matured Mandrakes, otherwise i don't know how long these kids would have remained Petrified."said the first

voice which sounded like that old lady who clearly was concerned.

"How's Potter?"the gruff voice asked.

"Mr. Potter is fine now, though he did get injuries but with time he will be fine."

"And the young Weasley girl?"he asked.

The lady sighed,"It will definitely take longer with her, she was possessed Severus, it takes long for one to get over it. She doesn't have much physical injuries but mental scars of such things remain. It will take several therapy sessions for her to completely let go of it."

"Hmm, I ll be leaving. Call me if you need my help." said the male voice and then the sound of his footsteps continued to get lighter until it was gone.

"Don't worry Mr Rivers, Everything will be fine in a few days." and then i felt something pushed down my throat. and i fell unconscious.

I opened my eyes few days later.

"So i am in Hogwarts?" I asked the old lady who introduced herself as Madam Pomfrey while laughing.

"Yes, Mr.River. And i need you to be serious, do you remember who you are?" Pomfrey asked clearly concerned.

"Emm, not particularly." i replied sheepishly.

"Oh dear!"Pomfrey exclaimed.

"Well why dont you wait here while i go and bring Severus here, he is more adept at problems related to memory." said Pomfrey, ready to leave."

"Excuse me, before you leave can you tell me whats going on?" I asked

"Oh yes, pardon me, its just that i didn't expect this to be happening that i am a little tipsy, I'll let your house head explain to you why you are here later but the thing that is strange is that you seemed to have lost your memories. I am getting Snape to figure out the extent of the damage. There were others who went through the same "incident" as you have but none of them seem have lost their memories."

Saying so and taking one more look of Pity at me, she left.

"Wait a second, I am in Hogwarts, a fictional universe!!!"i started huffing and puffing it suddenly became difficult for me to breathe and clutching my chest i fainted.

I woke up later to see Pomfrey and a black coat wearning man looking at me.

"Had enough panic attacks Mr.Rivers?" asked the man.

"Shut up, Severus."Pomfrey scolded the man.

"What happened?" i asked

"You had a panic attack Mr.rivers, i came back with Prof. Snape to see you convulsing and then faint, So can you try to explain me the reason for your sudden panic attack?"she asked

"I don't know, i just couldn't remember anything." i replied honestly .

The next half an hour went with Snape looking at me and Pomfrey conducting various test.

"SO Mr. Rivers, it turns out that your mind got damaged in the "incident" and even though you have recovered physically, your mind seemed to have gotten damage resulting you in losing your memories." Snape told me with no expression on his face.

"Mister, you keep saying about the "incident", can you explain me what it was."i asked

"Call me Professor, Mr.Rivers i am your head of house here, and to answer your question, a Basilisk was out in Hogwarts, It was petrifying everyone who indirectly looked at it, you being one of its first victim. But don't worry the Basilisk problem has been solved now, and all those who were petrified have been returned to normal, you are the last one to be woken, though none of the other lost any memory.Yours seem to be a special case. Your mind seems to have closed itself." said the professor.

"So now what? I mean i don't remember anything, could you mind explaining me things." I asked.

"Your name is Blake Rivers, you are from England and born to muggles. Your mother is dead and you live with your Father, who has been alerted about your memory loss and will be coming to take you home soon." he replied in a single breadth without any hesitation.

He literary dumped all the info on me.

"Considering you being petrified, the HeadMaster has excused you from exams this year, but make no mistake we wont be accepting any excuses for your lack of studies next year." the Professor replied.

"Emm, Professor, can i know your name?" I asked

"Severus Snape, you can call me Professor Snape, or Professor. I ll be leaving now MR.Rivers, if you have more questions you can ask Madam Pomfrey here." he replied and then stoop up and left.

I looked at Madam Pomfrey and said," Thank you for taking my care Ma'am."

"No need Mr.Rivers, this is my job after all. Now lets just wait for your father, i imagine since he is a muggle he will take some time to come here."Pomfrey replied with a kind smile.

A man with patchy beard and a smell of alcohol came to the Infirmary later.

"Ehh,I amm lookeng for Blakky" he said.

"Mr.Rivers i presume?" Pomfrey asked.

"Oh yeah" he turned to look at me.

"Come on lets go Blaky, i have already wasted enough time coming here to pick you up." he said.

Understanding that he was my relative at the very least i followed him and with him went to the place he kept calling Home.

"Welcome home Blakky, Now they tell me you don't remember anything?"said the man eyeing me.

"NO, mister" I said

"Who is this mister?"he said lauging and looking around. "I am your dad okay, and let me tell you what i told you back when you were 7, I dont care about you."HE said with deadpan expression

"Let me enjoy my life while you enjoy yours okay? i wont interfere in your life and you wont in mine, i dont care about all that magic stuff too thats your life, Every month you will get enough money to last yourself okay? SO yeah if you want to ask me about your past then you should understand that i am of no help, you remained with your mother till you were 6 and she died soon after you turned 7 after which you moved in with me and i left you to be independent. Quite frankly i like to enjoy

my life and don't want an anchor attached to it, but you are my son so i have to take care of you otherwise what kind of a man i will be, so the money is kind of completing my duty to you. SO i will be leaving soon I have parties to attend, there is a butler in the house to handle all your stuff, Parker is his name. okay kid, see ya later".

He said while leaving me alone in the big house.

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