1 Introduce Me

Sweat leaked from my pores in a cry for escape. The bra I wore to work out seemed to be working against me. The mere thought of how moist it was, was strong enough to make me gag!

"Why are you just standing there?" My roommate's voice interrupted the abhorrent thoughts running wild in my head.

"I can't build enough mental strength to remove this," my finger had been pointing at the neon green band wrapped around my chest. Her large brown eyes watched my exaggerated features hold all the disgust on display before cracking a smile.

"You're still the weridest person I've ever met." Her comment was said out loud but it didn't have any affect. I was getting use to her verbal assaults, which were harmless. She never means it in an offensive way, it was more commentary most of the time. "Must have been a tough jog though, you're actually drenched."

Her words had me groaning in irration, of course it was a tough jog! How else am I supposed to let out my emotions? With each step, I screamed my anger out. Everytime I ran faster, I let out the emotional damage accumulated over the years. It's been a hell of a week, especially since I was beginning to the reality of things. "You could say that. Now please unzip me, If I have to stand in this any longer I'll cry."

Her head stuck out from around the corner of the dorm, the recently dyed hair falling from her shoulders and just hanging in mid-air.

"I will never understand you rich folk. In America, a sports bra has no zipper, a pocket maybe, but zipper's are not the move." My eyes rolled on their own, the thought of telling her, yet again, that I am not some foreigner, on the tip of my tongue. Of course we had zipper's on sports bras now, it's the latest fashion craze. I'm guessing, they're all over the place. Victoria secret, Pink, Walmart, Target.

It's the new thing.

"The zipper, Victoria. Please." I didn't need to ask, she was already walking towards me. But that was the thing with Victoria, she said I'm the weridest person she's ever met, yet she's one for the books too. I want to describe her as the person that doesn't have her people.

If a girl has cheerleading, book clubs, and guys have football and basketball, then Victoria was the person watching all the dweebs (her words, not mine) act crazy. The outsider looking in through the glass, outcast.

I palmed my breasts and pushed them together so that Victoria could unzip me. The disgusted sensation ran through my body like a volt of electricity; I hate sweat.

When Victoria had her back to me, walking away, I all but threw the article of cloth on the floor and ran away from it. My bathrobe was hanging off of my bed as usual and I pulled it after me. Showers were a necessity in one's life, how people could walk around smelling like must and mold was beyond me. Infact, it made me sick, literal hunch back, puking, sick.

It never ceases to amaze me, how different Vicky and I are. She's deep into books and Kdramas, which is something we have in common but that's it. She's into cosplay and anime, building stuff and mechanics. I'm into reading and writing, going out with my friends and overall-- Sleeping.

Victoria could stay up forever and run entirely off of giggles and sarcasm. If I wake up before my alarm, even by a second, I'm the Hulk for the rest of the day.

There were also the physical differences; Her pale skin, long dark hair and small brown eyes seemed to match the carefree attitude she always wore. Her short height made her a beacon for my short people jokes. I was brown skinned and 5'7, my eyes were a caribbean blue and my hair was a bundle of massive curls, shoulder length. It was a pain to straighten but that was what being black and italian did to you. My friends joke that me and Vicky are the ultimate blasian couple, including her boyfriend. He said we were a pair of birds plucked from the same feather.

It was all fun and games, Vicky and I were nothing more than friends and roommates.

"I don't think I'll ever understand why a person who is so afraid of sweat, does any and everything one could do that MAKES them sweat. Honestly; Volleyball, Jogging, Rock climbing? You're a walking contradiction." There was a sound of shuffling from the closet before she reappeared in her pajamas.

"I'm taking a shower." I say instead. I had a day full of disappointment and explaining it all was just asking for too much of me right now. What I needed was a scorching hot shower.

And a scorching hot shower I shall get.

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