Ms. Shufflebottom: The Private Investigator
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Ms. Shufflebottom: The Private Investigator


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What is Ms. Shufflebottom: The Private Investigator

Ms. Shufflebottom: The Private Investigator is a popular web novel written by the author Lazygal_, covering ROMANCE, ACTION, COMEDY, MAGIC, MYSTERY, VAMPIRE, WEREWOLF, LOVE TRIANGLE, STRONG FEMALE PROTAGONIST, OTHERS, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 2.9K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 0 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 2 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In the world of humans, vampires and animal shifters Scherley Shufflebottom( its a real suname ;)is going through her normal life as normal as it can get with the profession of a private investigator. She avoids the vamps, shifters and only take cases for humans. She really must try to bag some rich clients who will atleast pay her real good so that she can have a freaking holiday trip. But really she is just two year in the profession so her clients are not that huge. That's why she is surprised,filled with dread and tiny bit excited when she finds out she has been contacted by the wolves for some kind of investigation. She tries to refuge but the damned werewolves are an insistent lot. Finally when she accepts she realises she shouldn't have dont that. Well now it's too late. She is sure her employer for this latest case is after something. What is it she can't fathom. She's worried he will find her secrets which she has been hiding her whole life. Her life turns even more chaotic when vampires come in this equation. So much for avoiding them for her whole life. *********************** This is a fun, light, humourous novel but can sometimes turn dark, mysterious with a little spice. If you are interested in such work you are welcome here and even if you are not ,try it out. ******************** This is my first novel so beware my smart readers and criticize it so I can improve. While not all suggestions can be taken I will do my best through it all. Their may or maybe not be something that should not read by children. I'll give you an warning before, if the need arises. Swearing will be done. Quiet heavily. Sometimes. Official cover has not been added now since my laptop is not working and you all know in lockdown it wont be fixed anytime soon. If any of you can help me out in creating the cover, I'll be really grateful! Also, I m not providing any prologue because just, I don't know. ******************** I personally enjoy strong female leads so I m writing this novel with that in mind. Let me warn you that Scherley will not be perfect and much more wild with her words and actions than the average.So, don't judge her and enjoy the personality. I wish you all will connect with her because that's really important for me when I read a novel. The connection between the reader and the characters, so I hope you can have that with her. Also, if you like my novel vote, comment, give reviews and enjoy! Lots of love! - Lazygal ( I maybe lazy but I will provide you with your chapters on time if I can help it)

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