17 Nathan's visit

Its been three days the project has started. Every one of them are working up to their extent level. Mostly everyone are professionals who just do their work. As gossiping is forbidden no one in the company knows what is happening in CEO's floor. The working times of the team is different.

They come fast than others and were permitted to take special elevator directly to CEO's floor. Everyone are envious of special treatment. But this is common. Every time a special project starts the team will be provided many perks but were also restricted from having some fun. They know their CEO doesn't like hindrances so this is not what most of them wants. Some pitied the team but some are envious.

As usual all are working and were prepared for meeting. They started being attentive to try not to get scolded. Scott is really trying his best to act normal but with Jean being so close to him but his incapacity to reach her made him so frustrated. All his employees are terrified by their boss temperament.

Jean also has the same feeling. She misses him so much, she want to cuddle with him and eat his food. She wants to be close with him but she cant. Though they want to meet it is risky and they cant visit each other houses as they are far away. Both were dying to be with each other but they were helpless because Cassandra started tailing Scott in every way she can. She even bought the place besides his mansion.

Cassandra's situation is also not any better than them. She is trying her level best to attract him which made him even more restless. But she is happy that she didn't see any women visiting him. She started watching his every move.

Kim who got to know this is also in rage for disturbing his bosses privacy. He became fond of Jean and started treating her as a little sister. Scott who got to know this felt happy that he is not a love rival because Kim is most loyal and trusted person Scott could rely on.

Nathan figured out real reason for mood off condition of his friends and laughed endlessly. But he cant see his sister like that. More over he is also missing her and he can see visit her if she is with Scott. So he planned every thing and made a visit to his friends company.

By the time he reached it is already noon and they are in meeting. Scott is pleased with progression in the project. Most of the Grey's employees are not anywhere low than his. All are skilled and has good team work. Except for Cassandra everything is fine. All are in peace with each other but most of them secretly hated her for her proudness and high pitch ego.

But it is quite opposite to their treatment to Jean. All admired her and respects her Though she is high skilled than all of them she never showed off her skills unlike Cassandra. In fact she also helps the team if they have doubt. She is so polite and easy going, her reports are perfect and her presentations are beyond extra ordinary.

They felt she is suitable as head representative of Grey's company than strong headed Cassandra. But no one know her relation to company.

By the time Nathan came she is giving her presentation as everyone are paying rapt attention except for her sister who is about to blast because of jealousy. Its just been four days and her sister became the idol again. Scott is so fascinated by his girlfriends presentation. He winked at her when no one saw his mischief as expected Jean was shocked by his open PDA and stumbled little with her words .While Scott praised himself for the effect he have on her though they have been together from three long years.

Kim was confused by Jean's sudden distraction. He have never seen her stumbling with her words like this. Afraid that she may make the boss angry he glanced at Scott who maintained his poker face but being close to Scott he know that his boss is amused.

Cassandra who observed Scotts expression felt happy that he is not like others who have fallen for her sister charms. Everyone are bemused by Jean's sudden change of mind.

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