75 This Is Not A Negotiation. It Is An Order.

Translator: Yunyi

"Huh?" Song Yaoyao lifted her head aggrievedly and looked into the man's eyes which were as calm as a lake. She pouted her lips. "Of course, not! I don't like Huo Ningxi at all! I like Gege the most~ He's not as handsome as you, nor is he as tall and refined. I would be blind to be interested in him!"

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"Song! Yao! Yao!"

Hearing her belittle him until he was worth nothing, Huo Ningxi was furious. "You don't like me? I'm the one that doesn't like you!"

"I understand," Huo Yunque nodded his head, his voice was low and deep.

Song Yaoyao tugged on the corner of his shirt and clearly saw a smile appear in the man's phoenix eyes like gradual ripples on the water's surface.

"Since you don't like him, then I will take charge of this matter. The verbal agreement that your father unilaterally made cannot be taken seriously,"—Huo Yunque turned to Huo Ningxi with a calm expression—"From now on, you have nothing to do with her. Are you willing to accept that?"

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