39 Ten-Minute Silent Treatment

Translator: Yunyi

"Gege!!" The girl enlarged her eyes and looked at him unhappily. "You've taken things too far! I'm going to give you a ten-minute silent treatment!"

Song Yaoyao humphed and crossed her arms angrily.

She distanced herself from Huo Yunque and leaned against the door. If she could, she would squeeze herself into the gap between the door and the seat at that moment.

Huo Qi shrunk back his neck and looked down at his watch. This girl lived too far. Why weren't they there yet?

Huo Yunque: "..."

Huo Yunque lifted his eyelids and looked at Song Yaoyao who was refusing to talk to him. He lowered his eyes and returned his gaze to his documents.

1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes...

He thought she wouldn't be able to endure for long, but the girl remained silent. She turned her head and stubbornly looked out the window as the street lights zoomed past.

To Huo Yunque's surprise, he was actually not used to this.

He furrowed his brows. Just as Huo Qi thought they were going to stay like that, Huo Yunque said helplessly, "Song Yaoyao."

The girl covered her ears as though she was chanting, "I'm not listening to you, you jerk."

The light in the car was warm. Amidst the darkness of the night, the man's voice was attractive, deep, and a little charming. "Do you want to accompany me to the hospital?"

Song Yaoyao immediately turned her head and pursed her lips, but she still refused to make a sound. Her dark, cat-like eyes stared straight at him.

Huo Yunque's lips curled upwards. "If you want to go, just say so."

If she didn't speak now, she was going to lose her opportunity.

Huo Yunque was a qualified hunter; he simply had to throw his bait, and the little creature was bound to stumble into his trap.

Song Yaoyao pouted her lips, lowered her head, and twiddled her fingers, "I want to go."

But when she thought about what Huo Yunque said, it made her unhappy. "Weren't you taking me home though? We're almost there." The more she spoke, the sadder she became, and she was full of grievances.

Huo Yunque cleared his throat. This girl was so petty.

"Let's turn around then, Huo Qi..."

Huo Qi was shocked. Resisting the urge to turn his head around, he instructed the driver to turn back to the hospital.

When Song Yaoyao saw the car actually turn back around, her mood finally improved again. Trying hard to keep her face straight, she held back a smile.

However, her curving lips revealed her mood.

By now, Huo Yunque had lost all interest in his documents. He threw the papers aside but he did not look at her either. "No more silent treatment?"


After hearing this question, Song Yaoyao finally gave up. Her eyes curved and she quickly hugged Huo Yunque's arm.

"What are you talking about? When did I say I was giving you the silent treatment? You must have been hearing things!" she denied.

They were going to the hospital to see his father. That meant, she was practically meeting the parents!

Her eyes curved happily.

As the girl's head rubbed against his arm, Huo Yunque felt as though an invisible claw was scratching at his heart.

Huo Yunque tried to pull his arm away but failed. The girl was quite strong. He was not surprised.

He turned his body slightly, placed his index finger on the girl's forehead, and pushed her away.

He wanted to laugh but he didn't. Instead, he said in a deep voice, "Little Swindler!"

His tone seemed calm, but it contained an unnoticeable amount of indulgence.

Huo Qi grew more and more impressed with Song Yaoyao. She went from being amazing to super amazing, and now, she was godly amazing!

But of course, he was not going to guess what Huo Yunque was thinking, especially not in front of Song Yaoyao.

"Fine, fine, I'm a swindler~"

A swindler that specializes in swindling your heart.

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