18 Returning To The Song Family Home

Translator: Yunyi

I shouldn't have said anything or questioned anything!

But...is that young lady really normal? Who would have imagined that this delicate little girl would be so tough? He was completely caught off guard.

I'm screwed...

Huo Qi could already imagine that this incident would become a dark stain in his history! The type that could never be erased!

Thinking this, Huo Qi's eyes darkened and he realized he no longer had anything left to live for!


Song Jingwan turned and walked over to Huo Ningxi's car. Her expression had returned to normal but there was a slight sadness between her eyes.

Huo Ningxi wasn't paying attention to Song Jingwan, so when he saw her, he couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. "What's wrong? The chat didn't go well?"

Song Jingwan smiled bitterly and shook her head. "She has a really deep misunderstanding toward me. She still thinks I was the one that pushed her into the pool..."

"Did you?"

"Why would I do that? Murder is a crime!" Song Jingwan shook her head in surprise.

Huo Ningxi put away his phone. "Since you did nothing wrong, why do you feel so apologetic toward her? If she wants to cause trouble, then let her do it. Just ignore her. After she suffers a little, she will behave."

When he thought about the way that Song Yaoyao was bothering his Small Uncle, Huo Ningxi's heart filled with frustration.

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Initially, he was indifferent toward her, but now, he was a little annoyed.

When she heard the frustration in Huo Ningxi's voice, Song Jingwan's lips curved upwards slightly.

As she nodded, she said in a gentle voice, "Okay, I'll do as you say!"


The blockage from the landslide was cleared relatively quickly.

Two hours later, cars were able to drive through again.

Song Yaoyao woke up from a nap and noticed that it was already dark outside. Stars weren't visible in the city sky, so it was pitch black like an inkstone.

The gates to a villa swung open on both sides and the car drove in.

Song Yaoyao rubbed her eyes. Just as she sat up straight, someone opened the door to the car.

A woman that dressed glamorously even at home, bent over and smiled dotingly, "Wanwan, you must be tired—" But before she finished her sentence, the woman saw the car clearly and did not see the person she was waiting for. Her smile immediately disappeared. "Why is it you? Where's Wanwan?" she asked with a frown.

Her voice was cold and contained a sense of hatred.

From memory, Song Yaoyao learned that this woman was the one that gave birth to her and Song Jingwan, Zhou Manli.

But she was particularly curious as to why the woman was so biased when both daughters were born from her stomach. In fact, she had already gotten to the point where Song Yaoyao was practically invisible to her, and whenever she saw her, she was disgusted by her. What was the reason?

"Mom! I'm here!"

Seeing a familiar face, Song Jingwan breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as she stepped out of the car, she immediately flew towards Zhou Manli like a little bird and whined, "Mom, I really missed you~"

"I missed you too!" Zhou Manli said heartachingly as she patted her daughter on the head. "It's only been a few days, why have you lost so much weight?"

"I haven't! You must have missed me too much!" Song Jingwan wrapped her arm around Zhou Manli's and glanced at Song Yaoyao with ridicule when no one was looking.

Look, as soon as we come back here, there's no place for you.

Song Yaoyao looked back at her coldly. She then stepped out of her car calmly and fetched her luggage from the boot.

She couldn't look at that face and call her mother.

She already had parents, but they weren't the two from the Song Family! So, it didn't matter how they treated her. It didn't make her sad or upset.

After all, she didn't acknowledge them anyway. 

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