66 Jealous Boyfriend

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How strange! She had already sweet-talked to the best of her ability; how was he still unaffected?!

"Xiao, are you going to ignore me? I was with Tang Youshi because of my brother..." She had not finished explaining herself, but Beixiao already turned his head away unhappily, seemingly unwilling to hear her out.

The outline of his side profile was as sharp as a knife. His high nose bridge and adequately thick, sexy lips with his chiseled jaw typical of hot male models… Looking down at his sexy Adam's apple... she could not help but start fangirling over him.

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"Xiao, don't be angry..." The young girl tiptoed and hugged her jealous boyfriend's neck.

"How can I make you forgive me?" Her seductive movements were intentional. Since sweet-talking did not work, then, she could only…!

He did it on purpose, she knew. Her boyfriend could not be any more reserved. He kept quiet, but his breathing got heavier, and his muscles hardened.

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