8 J University Is My Goal

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Startled, Ye Zhenzhen watched as she became excluded from the conversation. Ye Qiao's change of behavior came as an utter surprise to her to the point where she could no longer make fun of her awkwardness as she used to do every morning.

The girl was nothing like the unsophisticated and socially awkward person that Ye Zhenzhen used to know.

"Grandpa, I'm full. I will go upstairs and do my homework," Ye Zhenzhen said, with an emphasis on the word 'homework.' She wanted to boast her diligence toward her studies, which was in stark contrast to her sister's poor academic achievements.

"That's good," Grandfather Ye gently said.

Meanwhile, Ye Qiao looked at the silver-haired man with a tinge of emotion and regret. Her grandfather was the one who had always treated her with the best intentions. He even gave her two properties and his life's savings before she was married.

Imprudently, she sold her properties and invested the money into Shen Xichuan and Li Yun's business and eventually lost all of her capital.

She used to hate every member of the Ye family, including the old man. Back in the days, her father, Ye Shengxun, was transferred to a remote village in the countryside where he met her mother, Qiao Yi. Qiao Yi was also sent to the remote village. Alone in a foreign place, they began to cherish each other's company, and in the end, fate brought them together.

However, the couple lost touch after Ye Shengxun returned to the city. Later, Qiao Yi passed away as a result of the complications she suffered during labor, leaving Ye Qiao behind to be adopted by another family that coincidentally had the same surname.

Her last wish for the assigned foster parents to help get in touch with Ye Qiao's father.

At the age of 12, Ye Qiao was brought to the Ye family. Obviously, she was not entirely welcomed. An illegitimate child typically brought shame to the family. It was even worse for a notable one like the Ye's.

"Qiao Qiao, you will be in twelfth grade when school reopens. It will be the most important year of your school life, so you must work on your finals!" Grandfather Ye would not usually give her any advice because of her temper and her disobedience. She would always do the opposite of what he advised, even though he meant no harm to her.

"Grandpa, don't worry about me. I will work hard on my homework. J University is my goal!" She answered with lofty spirits and soaring determination! Even her grandfather was slightly convinced. 

He knew very well about her performance in school. J University was possible, but she needed to start working on her worst subjects. With a firm nod, he then returned her dedication with a smile to show his support.

The results of her final exams in her past life were horrendous! With the financial support from her grandfather, Ye Qiao was enrolled in a low-ranked university where she wasted her years away with no achievement whatsoever.

While she was still in university, an accident happened, which forced her to marry Lu Beixiao. Thinking of it now, she was almost sure that it was Li Yun who was behind the mischief.

In the most remote corner of the central part of the neighborhood, there were a few houses that were two or three stories in height and had their own entrance and garden. They were specially reserved for the retired, so Lu Beixiao's grandparents lived there and were neighbors to Grandfather Ye.

Lu Jingtian was trimming his potted plants when he saw his eldest grandson walk towards his neighbor's house, so he quickly asked the guard, "Xiao Zhao, take a look at this. Are my eyes failing me, or is it really Lu Beixiao?"

"Your eyes are fine. Sir Lu is here."

"He only spent two years in the military, and now he cannot find his way back home! What is going on with him?" Lu Jingtian was displeased. 

"Grandfather Lu, Sir Lu is this recipient of this year's Triphibious Operation Award!" Xiao Zhao could not hide the tone of his admiration for his idol.

"Triphibious Award? So… so what?" Grandfather Lu was proud of his grandson's achievement but was too proud to show it. When he was first told of the news by the captain of the Special Forces, he was so thrilled that he almost fired his rifles into the air as a celebration.

He could not wait for everyone in the neighborhood to know that his grandson was no longer the evildoer who everyone avoided as the Triphibious Operation Award was the highest achievement in the eyes of every member of the military. 

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