115 I Won't Let Them Bully Me!

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The field in front of the third year senior school building was covered by plenty of weeds after the summer break. Ye Qiao was standing there facing the wall with teary eyes and a hoarse voice as she was holding the mobile phone. She blinked her eyes as she lifted her head and took a deep breath. Then, she smiled reluctantly as she moved the mobile phone away.

"Hey, Brother Xiao. I'm in school. What a coincidence! Today is the first day of school."

That silly girl cried.

He could tell the difference even though she tried her best to fake it. "Awww, you miss me already? Don't cry, silly girl. I haven't even boarded the plane!" He was trying to lighten the mood while still expressing his care toward her. 

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"I do! Okay, Brother Xiao. I'll be strong!" She did not hide how much she missed him at all.

"Did Shen Xichuan bother you?"

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