"You are hired!"

Those words keep on ringing Ara's mind. Finally, she was able to get hired. It's her last ace to apply in J.G.A Entertainment. And luckily she's hired immediately.

"Your face looks so bright! Did something beautiful happen today?" her best friend Irene suddenly appear and block the view she's watching from the balcony of their apartment. She smiled more to her best friend.

"I got hired today!" her best friend stop from munching another Potato chip and hugged her tightly.

"I'm so happy for you. Finally, you'll be out of this boring house." she giggled upon hearing it. Her best friend always nag her to come out and chill with friends but she doesn't like it. She'd better alone at home staring at her books or strumming her guitar than hanging out.

"Na uh! And be with your not-so-good girl-friends?" she rolled her eyes and started to carry her things in the balcony table. "If you wanna go out again with your friends and go home late, I'll leave the door open." she added as she storm in and got inside her room.

Dianneara is an orphan who live at an orphanage and at the age of eighteen, she immediately leave and live on her own. She met her best friend Irene from a neighborhood school where she attended senior high school. And now she's living with her in a small apartment downtown.

And now she's already 22. Life for her is not easy especially that she's still studying college. Her savings will not be enough for the next few days. She applied for many jobs but they needed college graduate stuents. Luckily, J.G.A Entertainment hires for unexperienced 18-25 years old lady. J.G.A Ent. is her dream. They are idol-producing company. The top producing entertainment she ever known.

And because she loves music, she's hoping for a good job in the company who hire her immediately. The next day, she was told to report immediately and will be oriented for her work. She was just hoping, she will not be able to meet that arrogant Jayden Glen Archer. The building is so big and it's impossible for them to meet so she's confident that will never happen and that guy is not in the Philippines in the moment.

She open her drawer and pick up a small pink notebook and a pen inside then lay down on her not so soft bed. She crosses her legs and look up to the window in front of her. Its 10 in the morning and the sun shines brightly outside. She can see the rays of the sun peeking on the slightly open see through curtains in her window. It touches her skin and she love the way she feels. It feels like a very bright and blessed day for her. She's inspired to write a set of words and put tunes on it later on. Everyday she was able to compose songs and wrote it in her small pink notebook.

~You're peeking at my window

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~Your light touches my skin

~It feels like I'm embraced by someone

~I feel comforted by your love

~Your my sunshine

~You give me hope

~You bring out the joy

~You bring out the best on me

"Bessy, come here! I'm gonna tell you something!" Irene shouted from outside the room, maybe in the sala. She pick up her notebook and pen and put in back in the drawer.

"What is it? Don't tell me you got another boyfriend again?" her bestfriend is gorgeous unlike her. Irene has a model-like body, even if she wears cheap clothes she still looks classy and stunning. Irene wears clothes elegantly and also knows how to wear it paired with classy looks cheap make-ups. Everytime her bestfriend goes out, she wears sexy clothes and make-ups. Thats why she always got boyfriends and if she'll get bored, she'll break up with them immediately.

Unlike her who always stays at home, bond with books and guitars, wears only pants and T-shirts, doesn't know make-ups, wears thick glasses. And who doesn't care about looks but music and study. She's a No-Boyfriend-Since-Birth Never-Been-Touched-Never-Been-Kissed.

But even if her best friend is a playgirl who introduces a new boyfriend every week to her, Irene is still a virgin who acts like not.

"No way! Owen is still giving me money. Its different." her bestfriend giggled sexily. Ara cringed and throw Irene the nearest couch pillow. Yes, Irene find boyfriends who has a thick wallet but she's not a user or a gold-digger. Those guys are the ones who freely gives her support. To be honest, Irene is rich but she chooses to live with her away from her family, she has lots of money.

"And what's the different if you'll tell me about a guy right now. Don't me Irene, I know you." she roll her eyes and throw herself at the couch in front of her best friend.

Her best friend pout and roll her eyes back at her.

"So what is it?" she grabs the remote on the small table in the center and turn on the TV. She changes channel until her favorite channel pop up, HBO. Aside from dating her guitar and books or notebooks at home, she loves to watch movies too, Hollywood movies.

"Tell me if you're interested or not. If not, I'm not gonna tell you." Irene crosses her arms in her chest.

She knows Irene is sulking like a child. Its her habbit, if you make her feel like you're not interested on talking to her, she will sulk.

"I'm interested, so is he handsome? hot? attractive? Or just a typical guy who catches your attention?" she happily ask and hugged her bestfriend sideward.

"Its Jee, are you still interested?" her bestfriend gave her a lop-sided grin.

"Who's that guy? Jee, is his name? It's so ugly, yack!!" everytime her best friend introduces someone, its always ugly names or common names. Just like Mario, Jose, Peter..whatever..

"Jee, I mean Jayden Glen Archer." she stops because she hears something wrong and unpleasant.

"Who? What did you say?"

"Its Jay, he's back." she stops breathing and she can't find a word. That name makes her breathless everytime she hears it.

"No way!!" all she could say.

She hates him until now. And he doesn't want to see him again.