8 Chapter 8- His Girlfriend?

"Let's eat now," said Mister boss.

"Yes," I replied.

Oh, my God, this is so many! There's squid, beef, lobster and more! It's like a Birthday party in here! Mister boss is so rich that he even puts a candle on the table.

I started to eat and didn't drink too much water cause I might get full already. We were the only ones who ate that night, and he didn't even invited the other maids. I ate and ate until I got full, and don't get me wrong, the food was very delicious. I continued to eat even though I'm full until Mister boss noticed.

"What's wrong? Are you now full? Didn't you say you eat a lot?"

"Can we just give this to the maids? Or continue eating this tomorrow, Mister boss? I didn't ask this much food..." I said.

Mister boss didn't replied but continued eating.

I proceeded to eat slowly to wait until he's done eating.

"Do you want to be my soldier?" He said.

"H-Huh?! But... I can't-"

"Bhahahahaha, I'm kidding. How can someone like you become a soldier?"

I got quiet.

"Anyway, are you familiar with these three?" Mister boss showed me a picture.

"That's my father's friends! Wait... Are they the ones who were with my father when they stole your money?"

"Yes, obviously. We killed two of them, The other one and your dad got away," Mister boss said.

Well... My dad's friends didn't even care about me. All they just did was glare wherever they watch. I knew my dad was a bad person...

Suddenly, it felt awkward again, I got no more questions left except personal questions.

I must kill this awkwardness again! Think, Hyeon, think!

"Why are you staring at me"

Because I was too busy thinking, I didn't even know the fact that I stared at him for like 15 seconds. Now it turned more awkward than before.

"Ah, s-sorry..." I said.

"You know, when your staring at something or someone, I just know that your brain is out of this world. What I'm trying to say is that your head always seems pretty empty," said Mister boss.

"Oh, Mister boss, can I have my phone back? Please, I really need it."

"What are you gonna do if you have your phone? Call for help? You think I'm dumb?" He suddenly thought I was gonna escape again.

"What? N-No, Mister boss, it just seem so boring here- I MEANT WAS... It's just so boring without a phone. And I am not interested of escaping because now, there's someone who cares and loves me."

"Nope, you're not having it." Mister boss was done eating, and left immediately.

I sighed and brought all the dishes on the sink. The other maids took care of the dishes. After that, I went to the maids room.

"Honey, have you been working late?" Said granny.

Oh, no, granny. Mister boss just invited me to a dinner so I could gain weight a little. Ughh... I'm so full... Oh, yeah, are you done eating, granny?"

"Yes," granny said. "Let's sleep early tonight, honey, where gonna wake up in 6 O'clock tomorrow."

"Okay," we went towards our bed and slept. "Oh, by the way can I ask you something, granny?"

"Sure. What?" Granny said.

"Does Mister boss have a sibling?" I questioned.

"He doesn't have siblings. Did you know that his mother died when Don Hyun was 3 years old?" Said granny.

"Yes, granny, I heard it from the other maids. I thought he has a sibling though. I thought it was her younger sister in the picture frame at the living room."

"Oh, that was his cousin, and she's a teenager now. Let's sleep now, honey." We turned the lights off and slept.

I heard my alarm that I set. I stood up, took a bath and ate our breakfast. After we change to our uniforms, we proceeded to work. We were at the hallway at the first floor that day when granny suddenly forgot her phone 'cause her family might call her.

"Honey, I forgot my phone, I'm gonna get it back at the maids room."

"No prob, granny," I said.

I continued cleaning until I heard footsteps. I thought it was granny, but it was something else. "Gran-"

Who is this girl? I literally thought it was granny. Oh! This girl is from the picture frame in Mister boss' drawers that was facing backwards. I remembered that that photo was taken with Mister boss. Is this his cousin again? Damn, she's so tall and looks so dominant.

"Oh, Woow, are you new here? You are a pretty girl! And has a brunette hair?! I'm jealous," the girl said.

Girl?! Oh, Right! I'm wearing this uniform whick makes everybody thinks I'm a girl. I'm just gonna smile at her so she will not know I'm a guy by my voice.

I smiled at her, and she was giving me like an infuriated face. Then, she walked closer towards me and said, "Why do you work here? Do you want something from Joon? Do you want something from your boss? Tell me. Some of the maids here likes Joon, are you one of them? Just so you know, he's my boyfriend! What do you want from him? Come on, tell me! Tell me-"

"Eun Yang, what are you doing here?" Mister boss suddenly appeared while he was at the stairs.

"Ah, Joon! How have you been?" She said. Mister boss looked at me until granny arrived.

"Let's go now, honey. We're done here," granny pulled me away. "Let's go back to the maids room and talk about this."

I was so confused of what was happening. My mind suddenly went blank after the girl asked me about what I want from Mister boss.

So Mister boss' name is Joon. I didn't even know his name since the day I was fucking kidnapped. Wait... Did Mister boss saw what happened between me and that girl?

We arrived back at the maids room, and granny asked, "Are you okay, honey? Are you hurt? Did she hurt you?"

"N-No... Why was she so agressive all of a sudden? Is she Mister boss' girlfriend?" I asked.

"She is Don Hyun's ex," granny said.

"Then why did she said that she's still Mister boss' girlfriend?"


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