Mr. Dark Eyes, See u Again!
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Mr. Dark Eyes, See u Again!


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What is Mr. Dark Eyes, See u Again!

Read Mr. Dark Eyes, See u Again! novel written by the author Shiny_Star5683 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, action, adventure, comedy, modern. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


ONE LOVE ONE HEART ONE DESTINY There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment. Sometimes you need to wait and watch what destiny has stored for you... Excerpt : "No, I can't. Sorry... Mr. Dark Eyes. Not now but if we meet in future then I will tell you my name. My promise." Saying this she turned away. "Why not now?" He asked her anxiously. "I believe in fate we have are fated to meet in future then I will tell you why." She replied back with her back facing him. "But what is this Mr. Dark Eyes?" He tried to ask whatever came to his mind, he didn't want her go so quickly. "As I don't know your name I decided to call you this till I know it. Let's promise then when we meet again you will tell me your name and I will mine." Still without turning she said while walking away from him. "OK. I will. I am sure we will meet again soon." He shouted so that she could hear him before she leaves. "Let's see" She said low voice that he didn't hear her. ____________________________________________ Excerpt : "Hey, Mr. Dark Eyes... Do you remember me?" She said while looking at his eyes. "See, I told you that if we are fated to meet. We will. Look we met again." Curiously gazing at him she murmured. "If you remember me then you also remember your promise." He asked in his deep and sexy voice. "Yes, I remember my promise." She tried to say without stuttering. "So what is your name...Miss?" He impatiently asked her yet his expressions were full of confidence and elegance. "Ailora Khurana" She told him while holding her hand out for a handshake. "Nice to meet you Ms. Ailora Khurana. I am Elroy Singhania." He said while ignoring her hand he quickly pulled her in his arms. But what would happen when two strangers with no experience in love fall at first sight for each other. ' What's meant to be will always find it's way ' Let's see if they are meant for each other or not. __________________________ ( This story is not mine alone. I have started this my best friend who is also a very much reader like me and her I'd is - Neon_Sky . She is my best friend. Guys we are new to writing so pls be a little patient with us. We both are still in school so we are not very experienced or knowledgeable. And help us too when we make mistakes. o(〃^▽^〃)o ) *This cover is not mine . The credit goes to it's original owner.


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I am gonna leave the first review ! I know that The author has just released a prologue and a chapter but I can say that this will be a successful one . Why , do you ask ? We are twins who are separated ( lol I'm just joking) 😝😝 Anyways I trust her . But that is not the only reason . I LOVE. the sypnosis 😍😍 People who are cold think that they dont love or something along those lines but the ml and fl yearn for love . So let's give them love by supporting this novel 😉✌️


Nicely portrayed... Wish you guys success in your first book. As a fellow writer, I will suggest that don't ever be hard on yourself, just write your heart out and wait to be experienced with time. All the best for the future.


I really liked the title of the book. The title itself is self intriguing that will make you want to read this story. I like the way the author is trying to portray the characters and the background. Waiting for more chaps to come. Good work, AUthor!! Keep it up!!😇


Hi shiny star....I haven't read the book but from the synopsis I can see that it's interesting. Pls keep updating. We'll surely try our best to support you😘


Hmm, I never complete a novel in one go... I kinda slack off while reading...but this book caught my attention so much that I couldn't resist myself to not complete this book until its updated chapter. The characters are good, story too.. I have already added it to my library so I don't miss anything. Keep the great work up, dear author or author(s) (I read there are 2 I guess...)


The plot is original. The main characters are great. Hope they get a character development. Can't wait for their romance❤️ There are a few grammatical errors but that doesn't mess with the reading. Good job!


Liked the story and characters as well, not boring at all and maybe it was me who acted a bit weird cause i haven't read many romance novels in WN before but it's good and i loved it a lot keep it up author ❤❤❤❤


this novel is awesome ✨ .


The synopsis was what hooked me up. This is a different type of story which I got to read. Also, I like this type of genres. You have a unique way of writing and as I can see, you are improving incredibly by each passing chapter. The story has some points, which make it intriguing. I like the FL character, who is strong and self-reliable. Also, the ML's character is unique. This story has all that you want. The friendship between the friends and soon there would be a romance between the characters, well it will take time. This is what I felt after reading the first 17 chapters. I will write a review again after the story completes. By the way, you have a great potential author and I would really like to recommend this novel. Also, best wishes to dear author.


First of all title looks really interesting. And now coming back to the story–reading first few chapters got me hook. Well outlined plot with very good characters sketch. Can wait to read more


Hello my dear Shiny Star! I never knew you already had a book. I have just read the first chapter and I am directly posting the review. You have created lot of mysteries in the first chapter itself. I really loved it... Please continue the story.. Lots of love😍😍 from your fellow author.


Love the way the author gives their descriptions..... Keep the brilliant idea rolling author and please be updating regularly... When I read it, it was so captivating especially how our dear Fl and Ml met


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