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Mr. Cunning Third Party


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'Hays.. A sigh of pain was released from him while laying in his bed. I regret it..... I regret it.... I regret it... 'Fuck! I really fucking regret this!!' He burst to tears and shouted in his mind after repeating those three words of regret. 'Give me some peace!! Let me rest in peace!!' 'Please.... ' *He then rise up from his bed and went on his knees with his hands folded and head bowing* 'GOD, JESUS, BUDDHA, THE JADE EMPEROR, ODIN, OSIRIS, ANUBIS, ASURIS, ZEUS, OBELISH, TURBANED, ZARATHUSTRA, MARIA, SEALED EXODIA'S LEFT ARM, RIGHT ARM, HEAD, SHOULDER FEET!! Whichever god you are!' He called out this names while tightly clenching his folded arms and jaws, with closed eyes and gritted teeth as if this was his last life-saving hope, as if his life depended on this. 'Rewind my wish. No, Rewind my life!!! My peaceful life!!' He silently shouted in agony while saying this hopeful wish of his when suddenly he fell and lost consciousness, probably because of one of the days of his tiring, busy, 'wonderful' life as a third party of the story. Adon Yan was a person with a mysterious past, he was half-chinese in his twenties and was a young CEO of a huge company, thus hailed as a genius, also a very charming man that was now wearing a.. green.. hat... So then he drink and drink and drink until he was drunk, his stupidity took over and tried to suicide but somehow saved by his people. In the next day, his head was aching, his servants went to the kitchen to get hangover soup but he insisted on them getting jelly as substitute to the soup. The order arrived, and he let the servants out to start eating, he took a spoon and eat it abruptly. He then choked and shouted water while coughing but no one can hear him as his room was soundproof. And just like that he slowly quitened and died with white foams in his mouth and his pupils upwards, can not be seen on his widened eyes. The servants noticed something and arrived but was too late anyways, he died.. because he choked from eating jelly. On the very next day, his face was on the news, dying from 'drowning' as a way to respect his last honor, as the girl fans shed tears beacuse a charming man died of 'drowning'. Bow. The next part of his life are to be told by this story. Join and discover his life full of 'awesome' and 'incredeble' things as a being in a triangular drama between the villain, the hero, and him in another world meant to be destroyed. Bow. Our 'Protagonist' : B*llshit! What crap!! Which part of my life is incredible and awesome. If you write my story at least make it great with a golden protagonist's halo, with golden spoon in my mouth, wait scratch that, why'd you given me a broken golden spoon. This sucks you stupid author!


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