Mr. CEO Secretly Reads BL! Book

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Mr. CEO Secretly Reads BL!


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[On Hiatus, busy with other novel but I will not abandon this novel, thank you for your patience.] *WFP #29: Role Reversal Gold winner* *A BL Slice of life and romcom novel!* Who doesn't know Feng Xiaojun? Tall, handsome, rich, and also the CEO of Feng Group. He is a dream CEO that everybody imagined in that typical CEO romance story. But the CEO holds a deep, darkest secret imaginable... Feng Xiaojun is a hardcore, rotten Fudanshi who loves binge reading BL/Yaoi stories every time, even at work. "Sir, how about our meeting schedule this morning?" - Secretary Shi. "Reschedule it, I'm sick today," - Feng Xiajoun who binge read on Killing Stalking the whole night. *** This story has: - Your not so typical CEO. - Relatable, slice of life comedy about BL readers (Fujo/Fudanshi) - Cute BL romance! *Although slow, I will never drop this story, don't worry!* This is a side, fun project of mine! *** Original cover drawn by my friend, SleepyKola.

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