41 Ms. Cherry A.K.A Your Wife, Xu Mey

"Life ends when you stop Dreaming...

Hope ends when you stop Believing...

Love ends when you stop Caring...

Friendship ends when you stop Sharing..."

Isn't this the reality of life? Of us as a human?

Xu Mey went through a phase of life where there was no dream. But someone gave her the courage to dream again. Even if the dream was to take back what belonged to her. She lost the belief in life and destiny but that dream brought a ray of hope with it. Friendship and sharing were taught to her by her best friends and with friendship, she learned the meaning of love.

Therefore, the caring associated with love for her was purely platonic. Ye Jun was not wrong when he said that she was worried for him because of Ye Jie. No one can deny the fact that Xu Mey was not a nice person to strangers. But if you're related to someone that matters to her, she'll do anything for you.

Xu Mey never felt embarrassed before in her life. Her shameless friends made her into a person that didn't blush over small matters. But with Ye Jie, it was completely at a whole new level. He was her husband but she wasn't comfortable with him yet.

When she saw the 'most of the eaten' food on the table, another wave of warmth spread into her heart. Her lips hooked up into a smile. She warmed up the leftovers and packed them into a bento box to take with her.

She had thought of giving an answer to Ye Jie's question but she couldn't say it at his face. Thinking back to Lin Shen's suggestion, she decided to write a note. It was a very old fashioned way but she liked it. It gave a classic feeling which she loved.

Ye Jie's blazer was laying on the couch and Ye Jie was still upstairs with Ye Jun. Seizing the golden opportunity, Xu Mey looked left and right to make sure no one was around and put the note in his inner pocket sneakily. Later on, when she saw Ye Jie heading down, she acted like an innocent person who didn't do anything out of the ordinary.

The more you try to act normal, the more you appear to be suspicious. That was happening with Xu Mey. She was hoping to give an innocent impression while Ye Jie was getting cynical vibes from her. But seeing the bento box in her hand and empty dining table, his suspicion turned into a cheeky grin.

Xu Mey's heart had skipped so many beats since dawn because of Ye Jie that she was afraid of getting arrhythmia at this rate. She strived to elude but to her dismay, Ye Jie placed both his hands on the backrest of the couch caging her in. To hold the backrest, Ye Jie had to incline forward and that brought his face near hers leaving little space between them.

His spearmint breath assaulted her senses as her heart skipped another beat and she turned her face sideways to avoid his gaze. But this action didn't annoy Ye Jie in the least. In fact, it made his cheeky grin more prominent. "Are you scared of me, dear wife?"

"N, No... Absolutely not." She still kept her eyes away looking anywhere but him.

"Won't you give me a good day kiss before leaving?" Xu Mey abruptly looked at his face making their lips almost touch. Ye Jie laughed heartily at her panicked expression. He even felt her body trembling lightly and decided not to scare her anymore. "Since you won't..." He dragged his words and left a soft kiss on her hair making her body stiffen and her heart a wild mess.

"Have a good day Ms. Cherry. And miss me a little bit." With this, he moved back waving his hand in a way to let her know that she's free to leave.

Xu Mey stood there frozen for a moment. She turned to leave but halted after a few steps. "You too have a good day, Mr. Rain." She left after these words with her high ponytail swinging with her each step.

'The day will be good now that you said it. And I think I'm gonna miss you even though you didn't ask me to.' Ye Jie chuckled a bit watching her disappearing figure and shook his head lightly.

Leaving some instructions for the maid to take care of Ye Jun, he left the house as well. It was not sunny today. The shadows of clouds were dominating the sky. But Ye Jie felt like this was the brightest day.

At the office, his good mood was infectious for his employees. After all, it made their life easier than yesterday.

He spent the entire morning going through all the proposals related to their Online Gaming investment. In his arduous work, he didn't find the note until Ye Jun's call made him pick up his blazer to pull out the cellphone from the inner pocket. With the phone, the note also came out. Ye Jie frowned and opened the note to read.

"Mr. Ye Jie/ Husband,

I know, its a very archaic way of giving my answer but I couldn't think of anything else.

I've always associated time with moments. Because time doesn't make moments instead it's moments that make the time worthwhile. If you can appreciate my presence, I won't disappoint you with my absence. That's the answer to your first question.

As for the words, some people say that words are just words, it's the actions that matter. But you're right, I'm a dense person. Actions are always misinterpreted by me. And I do need words to understand anything. But as much as I want to hear those words, I don't like saying them out loud myself. I'm not so comfortable with words because they end up hurting others.

But if you're willing to share words with me, I'm not an ungrateful person. I'll try my best to speak up as much as I can. But I hope you know when to stop asking.

Ms. Cherry a.k.a Your Wife, Xu Mey."

Now, this just made the day a whole lot brighter for Ye Jie.

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