Mr. CEO Falling for His Secretary Book

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Mr. CEO Falling for His Secretary


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Li Min was a daughter of the Li family. Unwilling to work in her family's company, she became Lu Fengmian's secretary at Lu corporation. Lu Fengmian was known as the most handsome and richest bachelor in the country. But then the unexpected event occurred. When Arthur, the most influential man in the UK underworld, came to China to take Li Min as his wife, Li Min was brought into the unavoidable war between families. She discovered her family's secret and another identity of herself. To protect the people she loved, she used her secret connections and destroy her enemies. Li Min might look like a kind woman, but she showed no mercy when she faced with her enemies. However, little did she know, this war was just the beginning of her chaos life as well. Li Min: "So what if I'm beautiful and rich? I stand where I'm today because of my hard work and intelligence. Only foolish women act pity like a white lotus to get attention from men. " Lu Fengmian: "I always get everything I want except you. Your happiness and well being are my priority. As long as I'm by your side, no one can take you from me." Arthur: "If I say you're mine, then you are. There is no escape, honey. I'll have you to my heart's content whether you're willing or not." Note: Hi! This is the first time I published the story I wrote. I'm sorry about my poor grammar because I'm not a native speaker. Still, I'll try my best to improve my skills, feel free to criticize and comment. This story is based on my love experience with two guys. Of course, it's not a 100% true story. Thus, there is nothing like sister stole FL's man and FL was raped are existed. I hope you enjoy reading the story! muah!


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