Mr. Alpha (omegaverse) Book

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Mr. Alpha (omegaverse)


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(18+) Noah, an omega, likes to defy the stereotypes placed on his kind. He’s loud, defiant, and tends to put himself in sticky situations. He had his first heat at 12 but for some reason it stopped coming three years later. Yet to have another heat at the age of 20, he is considered a medical anomaly. With a dark past that he is trying to run from, he finds himself crossing paths with cold, recluse alpha, Adonis (23). He is widely known across the nation for becoming the CEO of Nae Joon Electronics straight out of university. His mastery over his pheromones has brought him much attention. Little did either of them know that one fateful day their lives would be forever intertwined. “I saw him one time. That was all it took to know that I was fucked.”


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