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Mr Vampire Next Door


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~Updates Saturdays and Sundays 'My Beloved' He called her, Kaylani was not having any of it , But just how easy was it to escape the clutches of a 3000 year old creature of the night with the hots for you? _______________ "Do you really think all of this can keep me out?" Kelevi asked, taking in the garlic curtains and red beans sprayed everywhere with deep amusement. "If that doesn't work, this will." Kaylani replied with determination, brandishing the wooden dagger fiercely in the air. "Ah...You would stake me?" Kelevi gasped with mock horror, watching as Kaylani's eyes narrowed in that familiar manner they always did when she was seething in anger. "If you do not leave, I will." Kaylani promised solemnly, Kelevi chuckled darkly as he took another step closer to Kaylani, watching as she equally retreated another step back. Kelevi took note of the wall behind Kaylani, lips stretching into a smirk revealing his glinting sharp fangs as he realized she would soon run out of steps to take away from him. "I came with a proposal... dump that boyfriend of yours and come to me." Kelevi stated as though it was the most natural request to ask your neighbor to leave her four year boyfriend for a vampire. "Why would I even do that?" Kaylani seethed, "Because you rightfully belong to me Lani and no one else... because he can never satisfy your darkest desires like I can." Kelevi said in a deep, guttural tone, eyes dark with desire. "What do you know about my desires?" Kaylani challenged, tone still as cold and fierce as it always was. "I will have you writhing in pleasure beneath me, your pleasure trove dripping wet, chanting my name as though it was your last prayer as I take you over and over again till you forget where I end and where you begin." Kelevi swore, his words sending a jolt of desire right down to Kaylani's core. *Cover art sourced from the internet, all credits to the original artist*


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