1 Prologue

Louis Tomlinson, a freak of nature. In more ways than one too, to start, he was a fox hybrid, and to make it even better he was a male omega. Let's not forget he's a raging homosexual but according to society all male omegas are. In the town Louis lived in he was considered normal, as it was a safe zone. Placed set up by the government due to the HP act. The (H)ybrid (P)rotection act was out in place because too many hybrids were suffering from abuse and murder from werewolves. But unfortunately, it was just another way of torturing hybrids. Conditions were less than poor and the so called 'guards' were bullies. And work was mandatory, long hard hours of physical labour. Farming, sewing, production. And even sex work for werewolf guards.

it wasn't always like this. In the ancient teachings of Luna and Solis, it says that werewolves and hybrids were to co-exist, the Alphas to protect, and the Omegas to serve. Betas to assist. This system worked until it didn't. Werewolves easily overpowered hybrids and were more abundant also.

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but back to Louis. Due to his mothers lack of work. She was being punished by a cruel method: separation. If a hybrid wasn't good enough, her/his children were separated from them, this caused pain to the hybrid, going against all instinct. So that's how Louis ended up getting sent to a family in Pennsylvania. The Horan's. Maura and Bobby Horan, parents of Niall and Greg Horan. The family happily accepted the gift of a small, omega fox hybrid. Niall had wanted a pet for ages and his birthday was coming soon, being 15 they expected him to be responsible enough to look after. Niall had asked for a dog but Maura and Bobby's thoughts were that this would be similar, a loyal, obedient friend.