1 The interview

After 30 minutes of struggling my curly hair was now in a bun. It wasn't exactly the best bun but I did my best, some hair were still sticking out from the back and front but it looked like I did it one purpose. Having thick black curly hair had its pros and cons. Thanks to my mama, she was mixed with Puerto Rican and Black but my papa was White.

I looked out my outfit once again. I made sure I ironed and laid them out last night. I was wearing a maxi skirt with a white skirt and a cardigan on top and a pair on pantyhose. The weather in New York wasn't summer anymore. I looked presentable, it wasn't everyday I get too interview one of New York richest bachelor.

The newspaper company I worked for 'The call' have been waiting to get an interview with him, finally after months of calling and waiting they gave us a day and time. I was over the moon when our executive editor asked me to do the interview. I found it a bit weird as I just started working there a few months ago and there was good writers that could do a better job than me and have more experienced but I wasn't going to reject it.

Making sure I had my questions and recorded I picked up my brown leather bag. It wasn't the best looking bag but my papa gave it to me when I started college as a present. The straps were wrinkly and peeling. The edges were scoffed but I wasn't getting rid of it anytime soon.

I looked at the time, it was 7:30 and the interview was at 9:00. I lived in Brooklyn and the interview was in Manhattan, it would take me like an hour with morning traffic but I wasn't going to make myself late, I was leaving now. Better get there early than late.

"Morning!" I say happily to my best friend and roommate Emma. We met in college 4 years ago and became friends instantly. She was the complete opposite of me, she was more girly, confident and had the perfect body. while I was shy, awkward and on the straight side of bodies. But we connected somehow.

"I hate you" she grumbles out with a cup of coffee in her hands. Yeah she wasn't a morning person.

She looked like she just rolled out of bed, her hair was a mess and she was wearing her baggy shirt. She went out last night as it was Sunday, she probably came back home really late. She invited me with a few of our mutual friends but I wanted to prep for the interview.

"You had fun?" I asked her getting a cup for myself

"The club was packed and the free drink kept coming and I kept drinking. Now I regret it...." she pauses and looked at my outfit

"Is that what your wearing?" She asked raising her eyebrows

"Yes, what wrong with it" I asked her confused

"You look like your going to church" she laughs

"This took me forever to pick this out" I tell her rolling my eyes.

We had complete different opinions when it comes with clothes. She wore more tight and sexy clothes, her hair was blonde and she had piercing blue eye. she was comfortable and confident in her body and I praise her for that. But I just wasn't that comfortable dressing the way she does, I was more comfortable with baggy clothes and vintage. I wasn't as confident as she was and she always scolded me for that.

"I can't let you wear that, your going to see the richest man in New York, you have to dress the part"

"This is fine, he will see I am only there for work and not trying to seduce him or something" I tell her closing my to go cup of coffee.

"I know Myra, you look nice either way" she says when I kiss her cheek.

"Thank you, love you"

I looked at my watch, it was now 7:40. I walked towards the door, making sure I take my umbrella incase it rains as she yelled "good luck!" before the door shut.


My hands were sweaty as I looked up at the tall building in front of me, my neck was hurting from trying too see the top. It was bigger than it looked on my laptop. I got here 30 minutes early, the cab ride was quick even with the traffic, I went over my questions in the cab, saying it over and over again so I don't sound stupid.

People were hitting me as the rushed inside the building, there was two huge men in black suits in front of the sliding doors. I assumed they were security. I rubbed my hands on my skirt before walking towards them.

The inside was more fancy than the outside. There was a huge sign of his name when you first walked in, it kinda slapped me in the face. The floors were marble tiles and white, I felt like my 15 dollars black flats would ruin them. There was also a marble white desk with two blonde woman sitting behind it.

They looked like they just walked out of a magazine, they had on grey skirt suits that held their figure. Their hair was in a neat sleekly ponytail that made mine look horrible. I regret not listening too Emma, I look at my clothes trying to fix it. But that wouldn't help, these girls were models compare to me.

"Hi, I'm Myra Williams" I say when I reach the desk making them look away from the screen in front of them. On had a phone in her hands so she went back to what she was doing. The other looked at me waiting for me to explain why I was here.

"I'm with the newspaper 'The call' I have an interview today at 9" I tell her

She didn't say anything but went back to typing on the keyboard. I looked at her perfectly manicured hands as she typed away.

"I know I'm a little ear....."

"This is your visitor pass, floor 40" she cuts me off giving me a red lanyard with white writing of visitor on it.

"Thanks" I tell her collecting but she was already looking back at the screen.

Walking away from the desk putting the lanyard around my neck. I saw elevators that people were going too so I walked towards them. Everyone was dressed in there best clothes, or maybe this was their usual work clothes. There wasn't a hair out of place in any of them. I was Humpty Dumpty compare to them.

I got in the lift along with about 20 other people, it felt like a sardine tin. I looked at the sign that says how many people can fit in the lift just to be safe. The max was 30, so I was fine. I pressed floor 40, I think that was the top floor. I was having anxiety just thinking how high that was. I don't do well with heights. I watched as the lift empty at each floor, soon I was the only one left in the there. I looked at my watch, 8:40 I had enough time to spare.

The doors open and I saw another desk, but this one was occupied with an older woman who looked like she was in her forties. I ease as I saw her, she looked less intimidating then the others. 

"Oh hello there, you must be with the newspaper" she smiled when she saw me

"Yes I am" I say nodding walking up the the desk

"You're are a bit early dear, Mr Kingsley is still in a meeting, so you can take a sit and Betty will come collect you when he is ready" she says pointing to a waiting area.

"Thank you"

I walked to the white leather chairs at the corner that surrounded a glass table taking a sit. I had 20 minutes, I can go over my questions again and be extra prepared.

It was 9:01 and I was still sitting down. The woman wasn't behind the desk anymore, this Betty girl was late. Was something wrong? Did they forget I was waiting. I was tapping my feet on the the floor anxiously. I just wanted to get this over done with.

Putting my papers and laptop back in bag when I heard heels coming down the hall.

"He's ready for you" I hear

I look up and saw the most gorgeous woman. Her black hair was in lose waves and her black suits looks like they cost my monthly rent. She didn't wait for me to finish packing up before she started walking away.

Picking everything up and following her, I looked at my outfit once more when I saw the red bottoms of her heels. I didn't notice she stopped moving when I almost bumped into her back. She was holding a set of wooded doors open.

I opened my mouth to thanked her but she walked away, I walked through the doors before they could close. I gasp in awe, I was greeted with a huge office. The tall glass window was amazing, I could see the skyline of the city. The whole office was bigger than my apartment, there was mini sitting area in the corner. And the desk was in the middle back against the glass, they was two other doors in here. The rest of the space was open floor.

I stoop there not knowing what to do, I didn't see anyone in the office, it was empty. I looked at my watch 9:05, he only gave us 10 minutes to talk and he was already 5 minutes late, giving me only 5 minutes now. I hear a door opening on my left making me look.

Oh good God. My heart crashes against my breast bone and my nervous breathing rockets to damn right dangerous levels. I suddenly feel light headed, and my mouth is ignoring my brains instructions to at least say something. I just stand there staring at this man, while he stares back at me. His husky voice halted me in my tracks, but the sight of him...well, that's just turned me into a non-responsive, quivering wreck.

He was on the phone, I don't think he knows I was in here. I couldn't hear what he was saying, the magazine and pictures online didn't do him justice. He was taller than I thought, probably 6'4. The grey suit hugged his body, you could see how well fit he was. I knew he was a handsome man but I didn't expect to be this flustered when I saw him. Male presence didn't usually affect me but I lost all thoughts I had in my head when we made eye contact. He hangs up the phone and looked at me baffled.

"Who are you?" his deep voice vibrates through the room and through me.

I stood there mouth tied, "well?" He asked rudely this time

Shaking my head and clearing my throat "I'm Myra Williams with the newspaper, I had an interview with you at 9..."

"The call" he cuts me off walking to his dark wood desk

"Erm Yes" I tell him

I watch as his muscles moves as he unbutton his suit before taking a sit.

"Like I said I have only 10 minutes"

I watch to the sit taking a sit in front of him, I felt him looking at me as I looked for my questions and recorded. I think I heard him chuckling but I ignored it. I placed my bag at my feet and looked at up him ready.

"Does our 10 minutes start now, as you were 5 minutes late?" I asked him turning on the recorded.

He was looking at me like I had two heads and in disbelief, but nodded.

"Aren't you a little too young to do this?" his eyes ran over me again.

I looked at him confused, was he trying to say I wasn't qualified for the job. Being 23 and already been a newspaper editor was a good thing, but I know I was younger than most. I can see why he would ask that but it was still rude of him.

"I assure you Mr Kingsley, I do my job well. I wouldn't be here if I didn't" I tell him trying not to sound rude. Even though i wanted to give him a piece of my mind. What an asshole. First he was late to a meeting then asks me if I can do my job?

"Ready" I asked him clearing my throat.

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