23 Tuan Tuan Was A Quiet Boy

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"No problem! No problem! Well then… See you!"

The red-faced driver let go of Bai Xiaonian and ran to the lift as though he was fleeing.

Lin Nuan wasn't short, and Bai Xiaonian wasn't heavy… But once the driver let go, Lin Nuan struggled to support Bai Xiaonian who was leaning on her body, her whole back hitting the doorframe.

"Ouch…" Lin Nuan inhaled sharply from the sudden pain.

"Xiao Nuan Nuan… Why are you so beautiful? I thought I was pretty enough… But you're prettier than me! You've almost made me gay, what should I do…"

Bai Xiaonian took the opportunity to press down on Lin Nuan, her slender fingers appearing out of nowhere in front of Lin Nuan's chest; sadness overcame her heart and Bai Xiaonian drunkenly cried, "Say, Lu Jinbei that a**hole, why does he have to like big breasts?" Does he want to drink milk, always looking for big breasts…"

Lu Jinbei was Bai Xiaonian's boyfriend during university… First Love Lu Jinbei felt lonely during Year 4 so he cheated on Bai Xiaonian behind her back and got caught in the act.

After the break-up, Bai Xiaonian acted like nothing was wrong, but her heart couldn't get over it —every time she drank, she could no longer hold it in and it became common for her to flirt around and to curse Lu Jinbei's whole family and ancestry, sometimes even mumbling about wanting to give up her virginity.


Hearing the sound of the lift, Lin Nuan's brows drew tightly together… Not wanting others to witness the weird scene, she pulled away the hand Bai Xiaonian placed over her heart, saying, "Let's go in, then we can talk…"

Bai Xiaonian held Lin Nuan's neck with one hand and her other hand once again touched the softness of Lin Nuan's chest, her coral red lips puckering up and inching towards Lin Nuan's face…

"My good Nuan Nuan, just be obedient and let me touch you… Apart from yours, where else can I get to touch such big breasts? Be good… Let this sister kiss you!"

Lin Nuan avoided it with practiced familiarity and used her hand to block Bai Xiaonian's mouth, coaxing Bai Xiaonian with furrowed brows, "We'll see about that after we go inside."

Just as she was supporting Bai Xiaonian into her house, she saw Fu Huai'an standing at the doors of the lift… One hand carrying Tuan Tuan and the other in his pocket.

Fu Huai'an wore a dark-colored shirt and suit, the dim lighting in the corridor making his figure appear broader and darker.

Lin Nuan felt her entire face flush crimson in just one second.

"Mua mua mua mua… Xiao Nuan Nuan, don't be shy, you should already be familiar with this." Bai Xiaonian stubbornly pushed closer to Lin Nuan's face.

Lin Nuan's whole body was radiating with awkwardness.

Tuan Tuan's bright big eyes watched Lin Nuan and Bai Xiaonian, the innocence in his eyes inducing guilt in Lin Nuan.

Lin Nuan was afraid that Tuan Tuan would learn something bad so she covered Bai Xiaonian's mouth without hesitation and dragged her into the house with an embarrassed face.

When Lin Nuan finally got the noisy Bai Xiaonian settled onto her bed, there was already a thin layer of sweat on her body.

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She turned back and realized that Fu Huai'an had already entered with the child without being invited in.

Currently, Tuan Tuan was standing at the bedroom door looking well-behaved, his clear eyes simply gazing at Lin Nuan without a sound, adorable to the point that it was heart-aching.

Tuan Tuan wore a black hoodie and blue jeans; his white sports shoes were already removed. Because Lin Nuan had no slippers suitable for Tuan Tuan, his small feet walked on the floor covered only by his little white socks.

Seeing Lin Nuan's gaze falling onto his small feet, Tuan Tuan felt shy and clumsily used his right foot to hide his left foot, almost losing his balance.

Tuan Tuan was a taciturn boy, unlike other kids his age… They were often noisy and talked non-stop.

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