1 Accidental Meeting


"It's so crowded,, Will you come to the airport to fetch me or not?", attracting the people a sweet girl voice echoed. "Valerie, what are you doing? Don't run away from your problems, you idiot." the voice came from the other end of the call with full of rage.

'I, Valerie Scott, 25 years old, unmarried girl ran away from my home. My mom want me to marry a man whom I don't know even I never see the person. How could I stay there? That's why I'm in airport.'

The girl wore a plain red color shirt and ripped faded blue jeans.. She has two blue shining eyes and her brown hair is in a bun.. She didn't have any makeup on her face.. Her delicate bare face and features attract the peoples..

"You know Mary, I was thinking that after landing you and I will be going out for shopping. But it seems like you don't want to,it's ok, bye." Before Valerie could hang up the phone, Mary shouted from the other end "Hey Vale, listen baby I'm just joking you know. After landing you just send me a text and I'll be there, OK my darling?"

A smirk appear on Valerie's face. "Alright, Bye Mary."

After hanging up she stormed towards the plane. Because she was in hurry, she didn't see a man standing on the way. She bumped into the man. Valerie feel a pain on her nose. She apologize to the person while rubbing her swollen nose and boarded the plane..

She didn't see the man's face and she isn't interested in something like this..

"Sir, Time to get into the plane" the secretary said terrified. No one dare to speak to their boss and there a lady bump into him, didn't even think about the consequences. Even dare to run away after just saying a 'sorry'.

He saw his boss still in a daze and starring at the empty place where the lady was standing, Secretary Mu think that his boss is angry and trying to control himself.

He cleared his throat and again call his boss, "Sir".

The man came back to his senses and said in his strong manly voice, "Hmm, let's go."

They walk towards the first class.


It's my first time writing a story..

I'm still a student so I know there will be many grammatical mistakes..

Please let me know where is the mistake, so I can improve in my writing.

Thank you.

Hope everyone like it. 😋😋

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