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Though there are only thirteen chapters as of the moment that I picked up my quill and ink to begin this review, it is clear that Author Dumdum has brought another masterpiece to this platform. With beautiful prose, exquisite buildup, fleshed out characters, and a wonderful background, this novel is surely a delight for any romance readers. Tales of Love illustrates a significant exploration of the human mind, the bonds that we form and shatter, and the things that make us, as humans, human -- along with being a tribute to the old fairy tales that many of us are familiar with and grew up along. To begin with the quality of the work's prose, it is clear that Dumdum's style is incomparable. Few authors truly reach the level of her profound skill. Each choice of word is significant-- purposeful-- and the words weave together in such a manner to deliver a strong, lasting message, one that leaves you wishing to read more and more. Comedy, tragedy, love, hate, and truths are intertwined between the lines, each element bold and defined, yet none of them overshadowing the other. Perhaps, this is the reason behind why the novel is such an enticing and engaging read-- there is such a delicate yet strong balance of so many topics, commonly left unexplored by other authors yet incredibly immersive within this work. The characters within the novel leap off the page. Though there are multiple characters which play a role throughout this novel, none of them fade into the background. Each one is written in such a way that they make a distinct and lasting impression within one's mind. There are no shallow characters here, no background puppets, only memorable, well-designed, and three-dimensional ones. Villains are written to be understandable; protagonists are written to be loveable. As mentioned before, the story portrays countless aspects of human nature. The good, the bad, the heartwarming, the tear-jerking, and the chilling... there are little topics that the author is shy about exploring. Above all, it delivers a message that love and pain, joy and melancholy, are all intertwined. In contrast to the sunny, idealized expectations that other novels bring up, this novel is not afraid to contrast the grittiness of real life, demonstrating that this is truly the message of life and the duality of mankind. For happiness to exist, there must be sorrow. For appreciation to exist, there must be loss. Overall, with an astonishingly magnificent romance like this one, it is clear that this platform and industry has gained another precious work of art. It is no easy task to pull of a work as well-crafted as this one, yet the author has accomplished it, creating a memorable, beautiful, and touching piece, sure to live down in history as a masterpiece.


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