6 You are a god ... Or what are you?

-Too dark and it's very cold. This has nothing like the last time-

As he shrugged and blew his hands to warm himself. Railey advances forward without hesitation.

He found himself walking through a long gallery of a cavern identical to where he was a few minutes ago towards what would be the exit to the sea. As he got closer, what he found was red lighting. The whole place was bright red as if it were fire.

When leaving the cave, outside the same panorama was visualized with the detail that the sea no longer existed, this was replaced by a red-hot desert

It was his world and not at the same time. Both seemed to fit perfectly but the red indicated that this place belonged to another existential plane.

-Where did I end up? This is not the realm of the dead-

In total confusion at his arrival at an unexpected place, he walked several meters, stopped and no longer knew what direction to take next.

A spectral silence made the place worse than hell. Railey felt and heard both his breathing and his heartbeat beginning to accelerate. This made him more nervous since he was waiting for the River Styx or some similar flow of water to guide him to the God of Death of the region, when he suddenly heard a murmur behind him.

He turned to look and there was nothing.

-They're driving me crazy-

He ran his hands over his eyes several times as if to calm his nerves and he heard something again. This time it was a whisper in his ear that froze his blood.

-... Rul ... ieh ...-

-It's the first time he's made me want to fear something in a long time, what the fuck are they playing with me- he said while shaking -Whoever they are, I'm getting sick of playing hide and seek-

From right to left, back and forth, Railey kept watching for clues as to who was whispering. But he knew almost instinctively that whoever brought him here didn't do it alone. There were several who were hiding in the shadows.

-... Rul ... ieh ...-

Once he intercepted the voice it started running in his direction. He had run like crazy for almost half an hour, while his voice got louder when he stopped on some kind of hill. He climbed to the top and once up again darkness mixed with an infinite emptiness.

-What a crazy place, hehe. I did not think to reach an endless hole, but there is no turning back-

That said, He advance in the dark. Just when he thought he would fall to the void his foot hit the surface.

The atmosphere was illuminated by the stars, comets and galaxies in the sky and the ground became an almost translucent iridescent path.

-Wow, it looks like a crystal rainbow from which to look at the universe, it seems out of the northern legends-

His fascination and curiosity grew bigger and bigger, he felt that he could touch the stars. He could not contain the desire to stay to watch, but time advance against him.

-Rulieh, come in! -

Railey didn't realize that he had already reached the end of the road when the voice snapped him out of his ramble. The door was practically transparent and it was not there, only the feather-shaped knobs were visible, He turn them and entered. The room was like outside, only the stars acting as lanterns and the floor was now glass that emitted a vibe of cracking from stepping on it badly.

-So long time without seeing us Rulieh-

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-Yes, it's been a while ... what? No wait..-

Almost as if it were customary Railey greeted the strange being sitting cross-legged in the corner. For Ray it was the first time he had met him, although deep down he knew that was not the case.

-I see you didn't change a bit Rulieh, that's good. It means that you are still in neutral-

The being was a tall, dark-colored man, faceless, dressed in a suit, black shirt and red tie. He got up from the couch and invited him to sit.

-Thank you?! Ahm..excuse me but where do we meet and why do you call me Rulieh? -

-Oh, right you are still in neutral, forgive my rudeness. Well you see; both sides, the archetypals and primordials, sent me to look for you knowing that you would seek the blessing of a god for you, you already know that. We intervene despite the fact that it is forbidden, but since all the minor gods in this plane have almost been extinguished, this gives us a minimum margin of maneuver.-

-I don't understand, why...there are almost no gods. My head is going to explode because of the information you throw at me as if nothing had happened, I have many doubts and no certainty as to why I am here, what happened to me, because my contract was broken and ....-

-Wait I'm going to go slow ... well it's a long story-

-I left at 3am, we have time before dawn.-

-Yes, but time is relative in this dimension, here a month may pass and in your dimensional plane a couple of hours will have passed-

-With more reason tell me what is happening, and first of all tell me what you are and why I ended up here-

-Ho! You can still feel the energy, how naughty ... hahaha. Well enough, first of all who am I? Excellent question to start, you will see, I am like a god who has innumerable names depending on the assigned purpose, unlike the others, I act freely without the intention of destruction only fanning my desires causing terror and madness, I am the messenger of the gods. I and everyone else transcend the limitations of space and time, we travel between dimensions and remain simultaneously in infinite multiverses-


To the astonishment of the receiving end, the being began to walk ahead of Ray.

-My name, you could not even pronounce it in your current state, in reality no one can, they would lose their sanity but you are different. Some call me the Faceless God, the Red Queen, the Dark King, but I am better known as the God of a Thousand Faces or the Crawling Chaos.-

With each appointment to himself, the being was transformed into a different one until ending in a tentacular black mass that emitted terror around him. Ray could barely breathe, the aura around him constricting his chest, he wanted to vomit and run away. It was bland prey to a voracious and ruthless predator. Noticing that fact, the being kept his violent aura and returned to a more pleasant way to continue the talk.

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