3 Twisted family

Sophia Ezebet Bathory was the daughter of the Dukes of Bathory, of an almost hypnotic beauty, blond hair with curls, blue eyes, red lips that attract lust with a slender and curvy physical appearance. Many men fell at her feet from an early age and swore eternal love to her, they crossed mountains and oceans to fill her with unique gifts, jewelry and dresses to obtain her love, only to end up failing in the attempt.

She was raised with affection by her parents and as an only daughter she received pampering that made her whims border on the absurd and unhinged, ending up being a source of ridicule in neighboring countries and with the passage of time she would be known as "The crazy woman in red"... Whether demanding the brightest north star as a birthday present or the leaves of the Yggdrassil to use as a tea for a simple snack.

She demanded gifts for every noble visit to her home and if they didn't meet her standards outside of the norm, they were practically forgotten. The dukes did their best to quell her tantrums. They raised taxes on citizens to be able to pay for the demands and extravagances of his daughter, something that made the entire duchy feel resentful for her, to the point that the local industry disappeared which would lead to the subsequent closure of the stone mines of mana.

They said that she became shameless and manipulative towards her relatives and acquaintances. A narcissist who only cared about keeping her beauty and figure intact for eternity, and for that she would resort to any method to achieve it.

It was rumored that she was a sadist who had killed more servants than the White Scourge in her madness attacks.

Behind the walls of the ducal palace, she experimented with alchemy, black magic, mixed with her madness and inhuman sadism. She was in full control and with an iron fist she lashed out with brutal beatings at the maids.

With various punishments, ranging from sticking them with needles under their nails, peeling them to whip them, or burning their skin with red-hot iron.

If he ever saw a young woman of greater or equal beauty, he would keep her imprisoned in the basement, torturing her, massacring her, and then bathing her in the young woman's blood.

In an oversight, one of those many girls managed to escape by fleeing to the city screaming and asking for help, she told him about the hidden hell to which she was subjected, but the dukes managed to catch her, alluding that the girl had lost her mind and that they would take her to the asylum for later care, which never happened. ...

After this incident, the ducal palace stopped receiving young people to be servants since suspicions grew about the disappearance of young women, both peasant and aristocratic. The dukes covered every aberration their daughter committed.

On her sixteenth birthday she made her debut in society at the Royal Palace of Roses. There, showing off her beauty and wealth, she met who would be her husband and future King of Orsys.

Not out of love, but out of the whim of having something more to brag about, she demanded her marriage to then-crowned Prince Espin Quirn Orsys.

Espin, at only 18 years old, was known to be a seductive and casanova, with wavy honey-colored hair and eyes of a penetrating green, with an asexual face, he exuded being almost an Adonis, this caught the attention of Sophia who was a lover of beautiful, expensive and unattainable things.

After many comings and goings from the Duke to the palace, and through the Holy Father Alexei, King Clarck Orsys, who was initially reluctant, accepted the engagement without arguing a word to the Duke.

The wedding ceremony would take place in 5 months.

It was learned that Espín did not favor Sophia, but rather saw her as a disturbed woman when she began with her unwanted visits to the palace, visits that border on the point of harassment. He teased her and left her alone in the middle of tea parties to go flirt with other damsels right under their noses. Sophia was waiting for the moment when she would put a leash on Espin and he couldn't move without her consent.

A week before the wedding, Espín met with nobles, other high officials and the clergy since a year later he would ascend to the throne and had to keep up with political and economic issues. The day before he had had a bitter visit from his future in-laws and his fiancée, something that always put him in a bad mood and he could not concentrate on official business.

The holy father Alexei along with other clergy tried to reassure him, offering him tea and an encouraging talk about how favorable it would be to have a beautiful wife and a wise queen by his side. The talk of more than 2 hours made Espin convinced that Sophia was the best option for the moment and that in the future he could obtain concubines that would take away the bad taste that Sophia's company would offer him.

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3 years had passed and there was no indication of a prince or princess. It turned out that all of Espin's actions to obtain an heir were unsuccessful with his wife, but not with his lovers. Sophia, upon learning of this matter, was in charge of eliminating each woman who wanted to steal her place. She did not want competition nor did she want children, since that would take away her beauty and destroy her statuesque body, so she decided to take contraceptives avoiding the flag that a child would carry in her life.

But he would not go very far, Espin obtained information from the queen's maid, whom he had infiltrated in recent months, this in addition to telling her about contraceptives told him of Sophia's actions towards the lovers. In a fit of rage, he searched for a way to obtain an heir and give his wife what she deserved, finding the fertility drug Light Mandragora.

Light Mandragora was a taboo drug, prohibited in almost everyone since it was used in its beginnings to make the crossing between races without problems, it was impossible to cross two tribes with different attributes until then, this caused the expansion of the mestizos in the continent that he inherited the attribute of his parents generating controversies around the level of power and conquest.

A drug ingested by one or both parties would instantly make them so fertile that in just one night you could conceive without problems.

Rage and hatred flooded Sophia when she learned of the maid's betrayal to the point that she devised how to eliminate it with the greatest pain possible with the help of her maid and confidant Ashley, when she was expecting a child she only exposed her anger more Seeing an opportunity to take revenge on Espín, she decided to let him pass to raise him in the image and likeness under the assumption that the child would be her portrait.

Prince Kenton was born premature and ill, but what increased Sophia's fury was seeing that the boy had white hair and yellow eyes, he did not look like either of them. Espín took the matter as a side effect of the drug and did not give it importance except months after he used it again with his wife to bring a second child into the world, praying that he would resemble one of them after the criticism received since the court.

Prince Lucas was born without a problem, and this time the boy was identical to his mother in almost every way, and was full of love and pampering from kings and court.

As for Kenton, he would become the recipient of his mother's accumulated anger and hatred who saw him more as a piece of shit than his own son, and to his father the king was practically useless and invisible. Espin despised its existence since it did not reach Lucas's heels, so he had to fight to the death to obtain some minimal recognition.

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