8 The world reflected in the mirror

The meeting had ended after a couple of hours.

Between twists and turns with the being, Ray was able to sort out his ideas about his situation and the bigger picture. However, unlike how it was at the beginning, the room seemed to slowly fade as well as the furniture that became translucent but its firmness and hardness could still be felt. This was a clear indication that he should withdraw as soon as possible.

-I think it will not turn out as I hope, I will have to re-plan it from scratch thanks to certain procrastinating and useless people! -

Ray purposely yelled as if hoping that eavesdroppers would echo his complaint and annoyance.

-Hey, don't be discouraged. Look at the nice side-

-And what is that? - While frowning, he observes the being with a penetrating gaze

-Now you have valuable information, you will also be able to use them more freely in the future and as you practice with them you will advance to a higher state not to say almost divine hehe-

-I am not amused, and your gift more than pleases me causes mistrust-

-You know I did what I could and don't ask me to do more when you are ...-

The being tensed for a moment, he straightened up and turned to one side as if looking at something in empty space. Then he replied in a serious tone that it was time for Ray to leave. Ray felt an overwhelming presence in the darkness, without saying a word he followed him to the door.

As the being escorted him to the end of the iridescent bridge he grabs Ray's shoulder and asks him to wait. He takes a small notebook out of his pocket and hands it to her.

-What is this?-

-It is a small instruction manual on the cultivation and care of the seeds, it is also a traveler's guide, use it only for when you have doubts about how to continue with the plan, you understand me, it matches the clock from before, use it when you are in the mirror. I give it you now because you had no time left in this space plane and because I forgot it je-

-That happens to them because they are all present, the mana was accumulated a lot and you spent talking about something else- saying that, he put the notebook in his pocket along with the seeds.

-If it must be that ... well it seems that this is the farewell, boy. Until your next appointment, I hope you enjoy the training camp that we gave you as a gift.-

-Anyway, I hope we'll see each other sometime if the occasion warrants it-

On the outside Ray was smiling and showed a courage worthy of one who saw death in the eyes but in reality inside he was restrained from the fear that these entities caused him. Ray wanted to tell them that he did not want to meet such aberrant and disturbing beings again in this life or the next if he had one.

Almost like kicking him out, the being pushed Ray forward without a word. When he looked at the floor, it had turned bright red. He had returned to the desert and hell world from the beginning of his journey.

The being had explained to him what that place was and what it would serve for from now on. It was the mirror image of his current world and it was also the reality of his former home now devastated. There was only the reflection of what he once knew, the existencial plane from which he escaped by chance. A dead and desolate place already consumed to the end. Of which he could come and go at will as long as he measured the times.

-This is the result of letting him do what he wants, if I don't stay alert he will destroy my new residence, so let's do the best we can. Let's see what this toy is for-

He took out the winding watch, opened it, and it began to project hundreds of clocks into the air. Among so many, he only cared about 2: that of the mirror world and that of the other. When he located them, clicked on them and they switched to a planning screen. Establishing a routine of physical and mental training taking advantage of the flow of time that ran differently, would provide him with his long-awaited goal.

-Oh! I do like this! How am I going to have fun fucking them from behind ... hahahaha !! -

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It was already past 9 in the morning, the maids entered the room without knocking on the door to remove the dirty utensils and serve the prince breakfast.

They notice him still asleep and one of her approaches and starts moving him to wake him up.

-His Highness, wake up, what time are these to stay in bed, a member of royalty must wake up at dawn-

-I'm sleepy and my arm hurts a lot- with a plaintive voice as if asking for your attention, he looks at the maids and begs themn, that he to stay in bed.

-Please, Mother said that she should rest maybe she should ask her if I can ...-

-Fuuuh, what is going to do, better stay where you are. Here we brought you breakfast and lunch, we may come back for a snack-

The reluctance to deal with the queen's devil made them loosen their insistence to get him out of bed, they dropped everything they had brought and withdrew.

[Heavens how miserable, telling me that only reaffirms that they will not appear until nightfall hahaha, poor things what awaits them]

The malicious look filtered into his face, curving his lips in a crescent and staring at the door, he rejoiced at his wicked plan.

A refreshed and relaxed Ray begins with phase one of a macabre opening show that will last a few weeks as he finishes setting the stage and the leads who will perform a play of unprecedented doom for years to come-

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