18 Night Walk

-Let's go out today to explore, you said that if I behaved well we could go out? -

-Mmmm ... well it's about time, you don't think so. Since you don't know the city, I hope you behave obediently, I don't want problems like you ending up lost in the crowd or getting ripped off with some cheap trinket-

-I'll behave well, I promise-

-Voucher. Let me finish my morning meditation and we will go out tonight when those witches are gone, go play in the meantime-


Meraki watched Ray who was on the bed in an asana position, meditating. Then she begins to scratch the hand-carved cedar canopy. The little one is used to sharpening his nails and ruining the furniture he finds for fun despite his father warning him that if he broke any again, he would take away his savings.

-Mera ..... enough already-

Boredom makes it tempting to tease him, as if trying to get his attention. He stops and gets out of bed, heads to the kitchen for breakfast. On its way it passes multiple vaulted corridors with sublime-looking chandeliers, light pastel walls that are decorated with gold-framed portraits and landscape paintings, lush sculptures and decorations worth a fortune that belonged to ancient monarchs and aristocrats. of all the world. Winca was in charge of collecting and hiding these works, thus they became legends in art circles.

Meraki knew that he could not damage these objects because they would be his inheritance one day so he set out to ruin the furniture that was not worth so much.When he got to the kitchen he took his usual child form and began to prepare something to eat.

-I'll take the almond milk and the blueberry cake!-. Taking his breakfast, he takes it to the dining room table.

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The kitchen is so spacious that it can fit up to ten people cooking. It was created in order to supply the trusted people of the late queen. It has two industrial ovens with 6 burners each, a refrigerator room, a peninsula two meters long and an island of the same size, a dashboard with vergina`s suns drawn on it, white built-in cupboards engraved with blue symbols like those on the tiles from the floor. The dining room is wonderfully annexed sporting a long oak table for around 15-20 people with padded chairs and turned armrests. Everything combines perfectly to give the feeling of being in a restaurant of the highest category.

The little boy lives every day of his life as if he were the son of a millionaire or a prince. While having breakfast, he gazes fascinated at the ceiling of the dining room painted with illustrations of angelic beings strolling between clouds and mountains.

-I wish I was playing there too-


They rang the 5pm chimes as the maids left Prince Kenton dinner. Winter was approaching and it gets dark earlier, so none of the maids wanted to spend more time in that gloomy, cold and dirty place. Far from feeling sorry for the poor, helpless boy, they rejoiced that they would see him suffer and endure another harsh winter.

Ray and Meraki waited in the dark for several minutes until they no longer felt the presence of anyone nearby and prepared to leave for their night walk.

-Mera flushes that poison shit down the toilet while I look for the tickets, I know I put them in my coat but they are not there -

-You...put them in your pants pocket -

-Hoho here they are, thanks ... hurry up -

Ray would no longer eat anything that was served to him from the palace after Meraki informed him about the actions of the maids and the cooks. He would rather eat sand than have to put what looked like food in his mouth again. The poison put in food was what accelerated his poor health when he was young, despite training like crazy to be in shape, food worked against him. Now all the pieces were falling into place.


-Let's go there, it seems interesting because there are enough people-

-Nothing to see, it's just the line to buy an expensive and bland perfume-

-Uh too bad then where will we go first? -

-Let's go to the toy store to buy something for you to play with and then to the pet store to buy you a tree for cats so you can stop damaging my bed because if not one day it will fall on me-


Pretending not to have heard, Meraki averts his gaze and a radiant smile immediately emerges.

-Afterwards we are going to go to the "Pride of the Lion" for dinner, it is one of the most luxurious restaurants in this garbage dump you have to know it. We will walk for a while and from there we will go to the cinema matinee.-

-Cool! -

The city was similar to one from the mid-20th century. They had all the means to get to have fun on a walk. The railway station "Argus" was the most popular entry point among citizens after the seaport "Linden". The focal point was the Vatican and its old cathedral with its bell tower in St. Helena square. Tourist attractions everywhere. They could easily walk through the cobbled streets to the Versatile Theater, icon of entertainers, and the great Mushan Cinema at affordable rates and popular prices.

Meraki's jaw dropped by so many lights that it dazzled him. I never expect to see something more incredible outside of his books. His impression of the world changed in half a second.

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