20 Geneva Commission

They finished their night shopping and started with a mini tour of the port area before taking the detour to the restaurant. Along the way they enjoyed the street performers, outdoor shows, landscapes, music among other attractions that were in full swing.

-Look dad the frigate "Liberty Hall" is back, wow can we go up-

-Apparently you like places where there are people queuing, we will miss dinner and the movie if we stay here-


Ray laughs at the boy, who longs to discover new things and strokes his head. They resume their way to the restaurant.

Laughing, the boy jumps for joy next to his father, when they suddenly stop.

[Save your aura as long as you can, and keep playing dumb like you haven't seen them as you go]

[I understood]

There was a group of hooded men in raincoats walking in the direction of the restaurant where Ray and Meraki were heading.

[I knew this ominous feeling was for something big but ... Espin, you fucking bastard]

[They are the Geneva Commission, he sure sent for them]

[That bastard did not buy the story of Ashley's death, even though I escaped through the chimney to avoid leaving a trace lol how daring of him]

[And now, apparently they are going to eat where us]

[Let's go elsewhere]

This fateful encounter caused them to completely dismiss the idea of ​​dining at the chosen restaurant.


-For the little one, I'm going to order turkey quesadillas with blueberry chutney and spicy cole slaw with orange juice and for my chicken waffles and potatoes with poached egg and frisée salad accompanied with sweet white wine "Honey". And for dessert, two vanilla and passion fruit ice creams with a chocolate and almond bath-

-Excellent choice sir, I'll bring you your order right away-

The waitress left and Meraki marveled at what his father ordered for dinner after studying the menu card and not finding something to suit his palate. They arrived at the Damiano restaurant that had outdoor tables.

-Wow, what will they taste like? -

-You are growing therefore you are going to eat everything on the plate without wasting anything. Food is a luxury both here and in the Valley of the Banished. You are very lucky to be eating and sleeping in a bed every night. Always remember it-

-Yes, I do-

The waitress arrived with dinner and when they were getting ready to eat, Ray began to discuss the matter that made them change restaurants suddenly.

-You are getting smarter, well done the acoustic insulation is the best-

-Thank you! So no one can hear what we say-

-Well .. I'm not beating around the bush so I'll get to the point. The guys from a while ago, we must be careful are not simple beings to deal with, they are spies and informants specialized in infiltration and murder apart from having the freedom to trade on the black market. We will have to save our aura until we lose sight of them although that is not a guarantee of success -

-I know, I recognized them from your memories dad. The damned bastard of Espin sends them right, that Commission is a facade shit to move on top of the world-

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-You are getting a little dirty mouth, I did not think we would get to this point ... ahhh how difficult -

-I'm sorry, but that's what I saw and learned from your memories, I didn't want to make you angry-

-Forget it, on the contrary at this moment it is what interests me the least. I should thank you for making you want to know the city, without that curiosity we would not have run into the cat's tail. With this I can elucidate what he is up to and pay attention to the future; what it means to change our plans again-

To hydrate his dry throat, Ray drinks some from his glass of wine and continues his talk as he begins to cut the food on the plate.

-He must be suspecting about the bitch Ashley, surely it doesn't close the story. It doesn't seem weird to me he's very cunning and scary when his mind isn't clouded with that shit with a dark aura that that bitch imposed on everyone. We can take advantage of that and prevent your mind from clearing that is where you enter, Meraki-

-We will make him never wake up from the lucid dream and thus have him under control, yes! -

-I would be doing that son of a bitch Sophia a favor but I'm worth a damn if with this I delay her plans to fuck us by far, what do you say you enter the plan or do you plan to analyze it a little more before making mistakes-

-I vote that we do it but let's wait until he's alone and weak so I can darken his conscience-

-Also steal all the information you can, we need his pseudo "wisdom" to advance, passwords and codes, names, dates, numbers, strategic places and potential enemies, anything will be useful-

-This is going to get ugly-

-I know but I'm going to support you so you don't fall-

They continued their dinner while chatting. They discussed the plans as well as their new life outside the country once they managed to get away with it and started eating their desserts.

At this point, a little quill passed by selling newspapers from various publishers, and Ray indicated with his index finger that he should come over to buy him the next day's newspaper. Meraki was finishing her ice cream while Ray perused the most famous tabloid newspaper in the country.

-Ha! I did not believe that this guy would go to the third plane, so he lost his mind, I thought he would be dead by now but apparently we will have to take care of him before going after Espin.-

-Someone gone crazy? -

Ray passed the newspaper to Meraki for him to see himself. There was a front page story that talked about the hot topic of Ashley then there was the news about Count Mutiq who had squandered his fortune on a prostitute who ultimately bankrupted him and was wanted with a juicy bounty for being a black widow known in the underworld. But the news that Ray pointed out was nothing more and nothing less a small column written on one side and that did not show any relevance at first glance:

"Former swordmaster and traitor Tark Fersa stabbed his wife and daughter to death to rob them and then flee"

-Then he is next-

-Oh yeah! He is next-

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