1 Childhood arc: Adaptation: You don't know who you've messed with

A beautiful day is planted over the vast kingdom of Orsys.

It is the day of the Foundation, a sacred ceremony accompanied by festivities to commemorate the heroes and saints who defeated the Leyhams Titans and helped establish the kingdom 800 years ago, but it also coincides with a unique moment that occurs every 21 known years as "The Annunciation", where the high priest of the temple can receive the prophecies of the God of life Awada and thus know the future of the coming years and grant the blessing to those present. A celebration that attracts royalty and nobles from other countries as a tourist attraction.

These prophecies are feared because they contain 2 extremes: if they are positive, the omen will say that the coming years will be fruitful and prosperous, giving the correct harvest seasons, and the appearance of the next saint and her guardians, who can be both noble and commoners who will protect the kingdom in case of attacks or diseases, something very common in recent centuries.

In a bad case, something that has only happened 3 times in 800 years, would mark the start of a full-scale war or the appearance of the legendary Leyham Titan. For this the god would name the following heroes and an approximate date of the event.

Today the priest should mark for the first time in centuries an unfavorable prophecy, but by a curious "chance" he will not do it, he will announce that the years to come will be glorious and proclaim that the saint will be the commoner Monica Hins and her guardians the commoner Benjamin Look, Sir Wolfer Fink, Earl Nicholas Brown, and Crown Prince Kenton Orsys.

All this should happen to the letter without problems, but only if that person had not known in advance the disruptive and macabre consequences that these events would attract if they were so.

This person has been preparing for years to play the role of a low-ranking nobleman.

For all who know him, he is someone without common sense, a vile, rude, lazy and useless wasteful being and far from even seeming intelligent that the only thing that can be overshadowed his bad reputation is by the genius and skillful younger brother that he has .

His disability was reflected in the attributes judgment at age 7, being labeled "Nightcrawler", a person without magic and ability, a person hated by both rich and poor as he shows no signs of being useful.

The person in question at some point in his life was known as a fencing prodigy who hardened his hands practicing like crazy, was mercilessly trained in administration, economics and politics, his mind was molded by the tutors to such an extent that he believed that he was the perfect and incomparable weapon, all so that he would end up like the cannon fodder of his parents, the church and his brother, who would take away all his achievements and successes.

But that was left behind the day they betrayed him and left him to die bleeding in the depths of the hidden laboratory of the cathedral, vowing to return to claim, not what should be his by right but rather the head of each and every one of the unfortunate who used it to their advantage.

Today he is present, mentally plotting how much fun it would be to take a bloodbath, play marbles with the eyes of the damn mother who always despised him for her white hair and yellow eyes, hang his father by the tongue with a hook for having destroyed him in public and compared to his brother, torturing the priests who used him as a toy with boiling oil and beheading his former companions present and then throwing his entrails to the dogs for having testified against him. But more than anything, he would like to destroy his brother Lucas by tying his limbs to the horses for stealing everything while he hears him plead and remove the skin of his brother's lover, a woman who swears love and eternal loyalty sometime to finish selling it as a bag of bread necessary for deception.

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But he will not, he learned from his benefactor and from the miserable life he led as a mercenary outside that filthy prison that accelerated revenge is useless, it is better to observe them as an ant farm, to see how they kill each other with only subtle movements of his hands controlling the environment slowly and painfully. His thinking is more focused than at that moment, with constant meditation he reached a state of violent emotion canceled at will, expressing only mild expressions that are confused with vulgarity and rudeness by the majority.

His blind rage and outright hatred are unleashed on the borders of Orsys, wiping out Leyham's hatchlings and occasionally a couple of queens as otherwise he could explode by sticking a knife in anyone's neck. Training and self-control are the only things that prevent you from committing genocide.

And there he sat like a pimp, sending lewd looks and expressions to the ladies and daughters of the court, getting drunk on wine from early in the morning while waiting for the start of the main attraction from the central box we have the first prince Kenton Orsys of 13 years.

For Kenton it is the opportunity he has waited for, today is the day he will be banished and disowned in front of everyone, this is how it has to be, by being expelled from this horrendous family and kingdom, he will be able to resume his path and be free to be a witness. . of its fall and final destruction. Today he will not be branded as the pawn of that time but as the grain in the rear of the royal family, a stigma that must be erased at all costs.

The situation was planned since he woke up with only 5 years, since then, he has had his ups and downs, his trials and errors that ended up configuring the definitive plan.


[This taste of iron ... that plague brought me down! Son of a bitch, fucking Leyham! How long have I been unconscious for now? I'm too old for this crap]

-Brother! You're good? I'm sorry I shot you down but you must have used the shield like the captain told you, are you bleeding ?! -

[But .. what the hell and where did this shit come from? ..... oh, don't tell me I ruined it again, I'm hallucinating or let them kill me and I ended up in fucking hell]

-Your Highness, you are well and we will call the doctor to inspect you-

-Prince Lucas do not try to move your brother possibly he has a severe concussion and that would aggravate it-

Faced with such shock, he tries to calculate what is out of the ordinary, looking at his left hand he realizes that it is not a dream, he clutches his hand to his chest in pain.

[The seal of the goddess of death is beating and it burns like hell, damn that bitch finally caught me and now I'm under her control, to top it off she sends me to another hell where these sons of bitches are present]

The knights run to the doctor who analyzes his current condition, giving the diagnosis of a head contusion and a broken arm, he orders them to take him to his rooms to finish the treatment. In his room he observes the maids and the attention they give him, without being carried away by their kindness, he studies how to get rid of this plague later.

[And to think that these bitches were the first to run for money ... they don't have the necessary stamina, that's how useless someone without codes is ... hehehe]

Fluctuating between her thoughts, the worried queen suddenly came to her son's bedroom. She is a woman of about 25 years old, blonde, with blue eyes, voluptuous and kind on the outside since inside she was more rotten than the sewer that runs through the sewers of the poor neighborhoods.

-Kenton! you're good? The doctor said that you will not be able to train for a long time with your brother, you have to recover properly-

The woman exclaims while stroking the prince's cheek, to which he can only feel disgust and disgust for a woman who seems to have not even given birth to him, someone who treated him delicately in front of the public but rebuked and abused him in private.

[Kenton my balls, my name is Railey Sullivan, and I'm going to have it etched into their tiny barnacle brains, you fucking old motherfucker, all you care about is that I can't be a rag doll for your son anymore. ]

Railey Sullivan, was the name that his benefactress had given him when she released him from prison where he was used as a guinea pig. A name that meant more to him because he felt joy and warmth every time his teacher called him because he finally had something that no one could take away from him. It belonged to the son of his teacher who died in the same prison he was in long before he was born.

Miridiana Sullivan, a supreme sorceress and mercenary who seeking revenge for her murdered family found him one day in the cathedral fire, treated him like the son she had lost, taught him the art of stealth, the secrets of magic and skill to hunt leyhams without being eaten or transformed into smiles.

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