2 live in this world

i won a tell u about my life I have faced many problems in my life

i wos borne in 2002

I am from India , from village and I have vested my 10 years in my village but after that I have come to Mumbai ( I know that my english is so.....) after that I have join a shop at near one big college I have work for one whole year and saved 60000 rs at the age of 12 and I have started studying from 2014 at class 7 because I have already completed 6th from village after that I have completed 12 in 2019 from Mumbai and I have forgot to tell about my dream my dream is to become a navy officer but after 10 I don't know about navy but I had completed my 12 from commerce and now I am the owner of that shop but my dream is in complete but I am successfully in front of my parents now my age is 19 I have sleep at the side of road for 8 or 9 days but I know that one day I will be successful at the front of Avery person l

I will complete my dream after lockdown so be prepared life is reddy to change in everytime life is not like that wich is won't by u

and remind that everyone is saying that time is money but it's not true we wont to change time to money

so every stap of your life is the way of your success so be reddy time is changing

and it's my life

thanks and sry if u don't like