One man his name rebel.Hewas born on poor family.IN 2000 he wants to go school but he has no money to pay school fee.He told his father.

father-Son you know about our situation.

son-Father i know everything.but I want to change our situation.i born in poor faimly but i never want to die in poor faimly.please believe me i labour hard and one day become a big bussiness man.

His father see confidence in his eyes.He decide to pay school fee.when he go to private school with father for admission.school principal not take admission them,he tell Rebel your father is uneducated how to learn you.

his father feel insult and come home.then he tell son in our luck not to make educated.

Rebel decide i am not a losser.he go every school but no one take admission.and then he decides he go to government school.he thought education take anywhere in world.

His Admission process cleard.and Rebel is the first man on his faimly who admitted in school.

to be continued ...

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