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Mother Of The Villainess


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What is Mother Of The Villainess

Read Mother Of The Villainess novel written by the author Soun_Phavin on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering reincarnation, comedy, transmigration, villain, sweetlove. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


I didn't need to be hit by the truck to get into the novel nor die from an illness. The only thing I needed to do was die in the stupidest way one could think of. I died from a test of my lover's mother. She was the chairwoman of the very big group. She handed me one hundred million dollars to break up with her son and I accepted it. And that way, I died because it was a test. If I didn't accept the money, she would allow her son to marry me. Her son hired me to be his girlfriend in the first place?? Why am I the one who died just accepting the money?? I'm poor, okay????!! And now the role reverse when I got into the novel. Of all the characters I could transmigrate into, I became the mother of the villainess, the one who will die alongside her daughter after many schemes and tricks. The villainess aside, but who was the villainess's father? Why am I a single mother?? I didn't know how to raise a baby!!!!

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The characters are good, the description is good, the grammar is good, and the story is interesting. This hits just about every checkmark on the list, it is almost 5 stars. Just one thing is missing and that is a bit more description. I'd like to see a bit of description regarding the location or how the characters look. But it is one of the better webnovel stories for sure. I highly recommend it.


Was not expecting to like that that much. The way you bring the character to alive through you writing is very high quality in my own opinion. It also has it's own comedic parts.


This is a good story. The characters are interesting, and there's always something to learn from them and their occurrences. The story and they like to break the fourth wall very often, which is entertaining and adds to the overall charisma of the work. Recomended.


5/5 stars Introduction of charcters is so cool and I really appreciate unique writing style of the Author. Story itself is great and very well constructed. Would love to see, where it takes us? Keep up the great work, Author!


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