1 Chapter 1: Rain

It was a rainy day in Santamotano Village. The biggest rainstorm Ella has ever seen since she took her first gasp of oxygen and was introduced to the world.  She had been out shopping for vegetables to prepare a special meal for her guest coming in later today, no sign of any rain had been there when she stepped out of her home 3 hours ago. This pouring rifle was indeed a surprise to her. Leaving only a few houses  from the store, Ella walked to the market which is now proving to be a bad idea since her floral dress, soaked and wet was clinging to her well carved body as the chilly wind bites into her soft velvet skin. She was only 23 years of age but her oval face that carried her astonishing features made her seem a little older than she really was. Ella was a beautiful young lady.  Anyone with eyes could easily see that. Her wavy dark hair swam like an ocean over to her back, dark as the midnight.  Her facial features were one to turn any man blind with envy, red full lips that looked juicier than berries in summer. Her big eyes held a naïve light that really betrayed how innocent she really was.  Not forgetting her small nose that made her glasses clumsily slide down her face every now and then.  Ella was a pretty girl. With the rain rigidly pouring, she had now become a wet puddle herself. Her house was 3 houses away and, in a hurry, to escape she started running. In a striking light, Ella was pushed backwards by a large figure. Her vegetable plastic jumped out her hand, releasing its content which bounced across the stony path.

'Ooouch What the….?!' She said in agony.

'Sorry miss. You ran into me', said the mystery figure offering his big hand to help her up.

Sparks flew. One Ella only saw in fairy tale stories of prince charming and princesses. The man's touch felt as if it was electricity warming up her wet body and giving light to her. Everything around her disappeared and it was only the fussiness inside her that kept her sane. She found herself blushing, flushed and stuttering.

'uhm ooh uhm its o. kaa. y', she said.

Having successfully got her to her feet the man released her hand and proceed to picking up her vegetables. He handed it to her whilst she stared at his godly face in astonishment.  Never had Ella felt like this in her life.  It seemed like all the saliva in her mouth ran dry and she suddenly felt thirsty. The man cleared his throat seemly for the umpteenth time

'Ma'am??? Your bag!'

'Oohs thank you. I am sorry. Thanks.'

'Its no problem. Its my fault. Just watch your step next time', he said

As he went on his way, Ella stared at his retrieving back. She found herself imagining his hardback naked with her nails tracing every line as he flexes, doing what? Its totally not appropriate to say. Ella felt flustered.  But her eyes could not look away.

'His butt is firm and nice'

The words poured out her mouth. In embarrassment she hurriedly looked away and carried her way home. Thinking about the mystery strong stranger she ran into.

Ella approached her four roomed cottages.  It was the pride of her joy, the house she bought with her own pay cheque at 20 years of age. It seemed like decades ago that she fell in love with the rosy garden and had bought it immediately without any hesitation. She unlocked her door and closed it in a hurry, sighing as she takes in the warmth.

'Oh, that's better, I better change out of these clothes before I catch a cold', Ella thought

Heading to her bedroom, Ella opened her wardrobe. Remembering that there is a guest coming, she decided to take a shower instead and so she skipped along to her small bathroom, tossed the wet dress aside and got into the warm shower.

Ella wasted no time in the shower. She quickly got out and prepared for dinner for her guest. Lamb shank and mashed potato, just his favourite. Later that evening a knock was heard.

'Come on in!', shouted Ella from the kitchen.

A tall figure entered.  Lean and lanky with very strong features. Michael Smith was Ella's first love. The man of her dreams, or so she thought. He was a tall red hair with lanky boyish look that made him seem 20 instead of 28 years old. His eyes were a little sky-blue dancing to the dark blue side, and he had full pink lips. Not a bad looking fellow at all.

'He just needed a little gym', Ella always said when her friends made fun of him.

'Hi babe, I bought flowers', said Michael heading over to Ella to give her a kiss.

'Oh why, thank you! Their gorgeous. Please, do take a seat', said Ella.

Ella headed over to the oven to take out her lamb shank which she left an hour ago so its slow cooked. Looking satisfied that it came out good, she took out clean plates and served it with a side of mash potatoes and green beans.

'This looks great honey. Thank you', said Michael, looking at her fondly.

Ella looked at her boyfriend as she sat down opposite to him. She had no doubt in her mind that Michael Roland Smith Junior loved her. He has for as long as she could remember.  But unlike the mystery man, he gave her no spark. There was no rush in her blood when he looked at her. No feeling hot and bothered when he touched, kissed or whispered to her. Of course, with her innocence, Ella and Michael had never went as far as making hot and bothered love but she wanted to at least feel that she could break her 'only after marriage' rule. Yet, with Michael, she never felt anything.  Not till the stranger today that is. To excuse her mind of her silly thoughts, Ella attempted to start a conversation with Michael.

'So how was your day today?'

'My day was good babes. Nothing major', he replied.

'Ooh that's good and uhm…. work?'

'The same!'

Ella realised that Michael was too focused on food to make up any conversation. Now that she thinks about it, Michael was always focused on something than to sit down and talk. Its either he was tired, working or too busy eating to even engage in anything at all.

'Why can't you just be like him, Michael ?!'

Ella found herself thinking of the stranger. In her mind he was also a no talk guy. The things in her mind simply had nothing to do with talking.  As she stared at the table in front of her, she found herself imagining him taking her from behind on the very same table. She found it hot and she was soon flushed again.

'Uhm excuse me I need to uhmm… yeah.' Ella found herself hurrying to the bathroom. She could not believe the things she was thinking about, how she was feeling and all the emotions wailing inside of her.

'What is this?!' she found herself asking. Slashing cold water on her face, she investigated the mirror and stared long and hard at herself.

'Ella, what is going on with you today?' she asked out loud.

'Babe, are you okay?'

Ella quickly turned in fear. She had not noticed Michael standing by the bathroom door.

'Ooh Michael, I didn't see you there.  Yes, I am fine. How long have you been standing there?', she asked.

'Not long, I was checking up on you. You looked flushed. What is it? Are you worried about the interview tomorrow?'

'Interview?!ooh yes….! The interview.  I forgot about that', she laughed.

Ella then remembered. She had an interview tomorrow for a PA post at this big law firm company that just opened in her town. Her friend Kate had told her about the job opportunity and had nagged her to apply since, and so she did.

'Babes are you sure your okay?' Michael asked.

'Why yes. I am okay Mikey! I'm just feeling a little under the weather, it must be nerves.'

Ella jokily replied.  Excusing herself back to the kitchen. Michael followed; he had noticed since the moment he stepped in that his girlfriend was not herself. Her face was red and flushed but he brushed it off, nonetheless. Back at the table, the atmosphere felt weird to Ella. She was no longer hungry and had offered Michael dessert, who gladly accepted.

The dinner went on fast soon after, Michael left, and Ella was left feeling guilty.

'Maybe I was the problem. Since meeting that man this morning, I have been feeling … I do not even know urggh!!!! I do not even know him… why?! Why am I reacting this way?! Poor Michael!"

With all these frustrating thoughts, Ella saw it better that she slept. With an early morning, she will need all the rest she could get.

The next morning by exactly 07h00, Ella was up, bathed and dress. Observing herself in the mirror for the last time, she felt she looked older, more mature and exactly how a responsible adult should. Dressed in a white buttoned up shirt, with two loose buttons just as Kate had advice, her blue fitted jeans, a red blazer, and red bottom heels. She was her dream self.

 "Lips matted with red lipstick, hair wavy and smooth and a touch of make up", Ella rehearsed Kate's speech over again just to make sure she left nothing out.

'Now I'm ready!!'

Ella grabbed her keys and headed out. The rain gone and forgotten with no trace it was ever there, felt as if the universe was wishing her well. She hailed a taxi and headed to the law firm offices in town. Arriving there, she stood in front of the tall building.  Her idea of a firm building and what she saw in front of her was by far too very different things. Tall, glassy and intimidating. Taking in a deep breath, Ella said a short prayer and entered. This was her future after all, she had to give it her best.


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