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Mori in One Piece


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I'll clarify a few things before the synopsis, English is not my first language, in some cases I had to use google translate because I don't speak the language much, otherwise, I'm not an expert writer, I'm just another fan writing one more story for fun. Now if the synopsis ---- was known as the Monkey King, it caused many gods and humans to fear him for his power able to stop the sun itself from kicking destroy planets just by calling their weapons He was the strongest god of all, he lived a happy life with his loved ones... But he was reduced again to a mere human... again He was betrayed again. It doesn't matter that as soon as I get out of this damned prison I don't open human gods or whatever they stop me I am the legacy of re Taekwon-Do I am jin mori I am the legacy of the gods... I am sun wukong


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