More than just a flower Book

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More than just a flower


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what happens when you want to open up but can't talk? People make a personality for you, and sometimes, they are not the best. Clover Reed is the adopted daughter of the headmaster of the Arcadia academy for the specials. She's a selective mute who never only talks to her father and her plants, and although she doesn't interact with everyone, it doesn't shield her from the rumors going about her being a spoiled brat, a daddy's girl, the fragile flower that everyone had to be careful not to crush. Then one day she gets selected to train with the Guard. shocker, right. But what happens when she meets the only man she's never been able to look away from, Liam Gunderson. Liam, the head warrior of the academy and an alpha wolf abandoned any hope of finding a suitable mate. he got with some girls but for nothing more than a one night stand. Relationships weren't his thing but why can't he get rid of this coil in his stomach every time his eyes land on the one person he would never have considered interacting with? Clover made it her mission to prove everyone wrong about her, flowers could have thorns, but it seems like she was in for a heck of an adventure she didn't prepare for.


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