More Than Just a Dungeon Guide
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More Than Just a Dungeon Guide


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What is More Than Just a Dungeon Guide

More Than Just a Dungeon Guide is a popular web novel written by the author TosataFujinami, covering ADVENTURE, DUNGEON, FANTASY, ANIME, JOURNEY, ACTION, MAGIC, LIGHT-NOVEL, ROMANCE, LOVE TRIANGLE, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 51.2K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 8 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 29 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Haru owns a small business that hires out guides for a beginner dungeon. One day, Maya, an amateur swordswoman hailed as the potential savior of the world, enters Haru's shop. Haru is mesmerized by her and forces himself to be her guide. Although Maya doesn't maintain connections after the dungeon is completed, Haru goes to a journey not only to become stronger so he can start a party with her (and changing her views of being a loner), but also to win her heart and spend the rest of his life with her.

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This is a really good story, the characters, their stories, and their adventure. I sincerely look forward to what this story brings. Give this a try and I'm sure it'll be an enjoyable read for you!


An enjoyable novel, mixing the concept of dungeons and romance! The story gives time for character development and world-building, making it seem more real. It is written well allowing the reader to immerse in the story. Personally supporting Akane! Well done!


Though I ready only few chapters as of now but I am liking the characters of Haru and Akane. I think this is not cliche story at all and so looking forward to read more and more of this book. Good work. 👍😊


Reveal spoiler


Such an amazing book. I liked the concept as it was a pretty new story for a person like me who is always into more of CEO romances. I will keep reading it. Do give this novel a chance for sure


I loved this! I play D&D and so i got the concept pretty well! The only issue is you need to paint your charatcers more. So try and describe them more!


A very well written story - at the time of this review - only chapter 2 was written, but this shows a lot of promise so far. The characters are interesting and the author did very well separating their temperaments with few interactions. This will definitely be a smooth slice of life, adventure story with dungeons as the central theme.


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