1 Chapter 1. "Help me Ethan..."

"beep,beep,beep,beep,beep,bee..." Mark reaches his giant muscular arm out from under his blanket and pounds the snooze button almost causing his alarm clock to fall off the night stand. His arm then falls limp,dangling off the side off the bed as he falls back asleep. -15 Minutes later-"beep,beep,beep,beep,beep,bee..." once again he reaches for the alarm clock this time switching it off. Mark slowly opens one eye to check what time it is.

"Uhgggg" he groans.... Its 5:15am and he is definitely not ready to get up but he knows he needs to because, today is the day that he is going to visit Sean (Jacksepticeye) to begin filming videos for their new series together. Sean and Mark have been friends for several years and it shows every time they are together. Mark slowly throws back his blankets and gets out of bed. Once he has had time to wake up,gone for his morning run, and has taken care of Chica for the morning he decides he better go take a shower before he leaves.

8am- Mark heads upstairs to his room and heads over to his closet to pack a few bags to take with him (he will be staying at Sean's house for a few weeks while this project is happening). Once he zips up the last bag he goes and takes his shower,then shaves and finishes up the rest of his "beauty" routine. He goes back to his closet and rummages through his other clothes to find an outfit to wear for the day.

Shirt after shirt he just can't seem to decide on anything to wear. Mark decides to pick up his phone and call his friend Ethan. "Ring Ring"...."Ring Ring"

(Ethan): "Hey Mark!"

(Mark): "Hey Ethan, I could really use your help right now. I have spent the last 30 minutes going through my closet and can't seem to decide on anything to wear."

(Ethan): "Soooo..... You called me because you need me to come over and help you dress yourself?" he says as he lets out a snicker.

(Mark): "Noooo.... That's not fair!!! In my defense,I was recovering from surgery and wasnt able to bend or move in certain ways. Besides, Imma BIG BOY"(both Mark and Ethan begin laughing uncontrollably). After the laughter subsidies- (Mark): Seriously though, I need help to pick out an outfit but just can't settle on anything" he says almost sounding defeated.

(Ethan): "Don't worry buddy, I will come help you find something." all of a sudden Ethan begins to snicker again.... "But,you gotta promise me something Mark?"

(Mark): "What's that?" he said seeming suspicious.

(Ethan): "Promise me that when I walk in you wont be standing in your closet butt naked." (laughing resumes this time causing Mark to drop his phone)

(Mark): "Well,its my closet...and who can resist my devilishly handsome good looks and rock hard body" (as he winks at himself in the mirror)....

(Ethan): "Maarrk?..... Do we have a deal?"

(Mark): (Checks himself out in the mirror a few more seconds after picking up his phone) "Ok Ok, I promise,but just to be clear, you're sure you wanna miss out on all of this?" (laughing resumes)

(Ethan): (wipes the tears from his eyes and catches his breath before answering) "Yeah,I think I will be fine... See you in 30 minutes Mark." Mark hangs up the phone and throws on his robe (which perfectly outlines his bulge) and his slippers then heads downstairs to wait for Ethan to show up.