Moral System of Harem King!Moral System of Harem King!

Moral System of Harem King!

by TheLustGod

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What is destiny, you may ask? Well, destiny is an automated program I've created, randomly assigned to the baby born from Mother's and Father's DNA. But sometimes, to enjoy myself, I change the destiny of suppose to be hotshot characters and make their life miserable. I did it, and my Karma got soooo negative, I had to fix it somehow. 'Who am I?' you are asking. I am the one, yes, that one. Now that I changed the destiny of a supposed to be a successful man, Desmond, I had to give him another chance at life. To null my negative Karma, I gave him some extras, such as a system and stuff. I don't know, it is too complicated. Anyway, I will watch this boy once again, because he always brings surprises. Wanna watch it with me? Bring your own beer, and pay with power stones. https://discord.gg/cyUphKf

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