MOON: The Hunt Begins Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

MOON: The Hunt Begins


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Nina Winter Moon use to be that beautiful, timid, kind, and shy girl with a broken life. An incident from a year ago has turned her dangerously numb and closed off. As a senior in high school she tries to blend into the background to ride out the rest of the school year. At home she relies heavily on her Navajo Veteran grandfathers guidance and training, to get her through the pain, and pushes herself beyond her own limits. Unfortunately for her the Blood Moon is here. Bleeding nightmares into her dreams. Opening new worlds beyond life in her small town. Old enemies haunt her, new ones will threaten her as she unsheathes hidden family secrets. Secrets that were meant to keep her safe. But instead throws her into the spotlight and at the center of everyone's attention. Nina will need to accept her fate and let the hunt begin.


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