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Moon Hunters


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"I understand that I still have no experience. I am just an incapable teammate who failed to go all the way with my comrades. However, the loyalty that has been etched into my heart, at least that I can guarantee is genuine. It is my truth after all ... " In an alternative future of yours: "21/12/2012" the date of an event that shook the entire planet earth. On that day, mythological creatures, which until then only existed in fictional books and films, descended from magical portals in the skies of our _'pacific'_ planet. Against these creatures, several wars were fought, after 10 long years, billions of humans were killed in the process, leaving a population of just under 50,000 alive. 60 years have passed since that event that today we call _ "The invasion" _. In those years, many countries fell with the countless wars, one of the few that did not surrender was Japan, where our protagonist with European blood lives, she dreams of being part of the greatest force among humans, _ "the moon hunters "_, they are the only ones who can save our home. His biggest dream is to bring an end to the war of humans against monsters, so that children can live in a world where blood does not need to be spilled for things to be resolved.


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