1 Chapter one : The beginning

I love it here its calm and quiet and me my two brothers and Billy the alphas son .

My home is a small town named Clover just west of Ryi which is a city almost the size of New York but Ryi is ran by the biggest pack of wolves so us Clover wolves are not supposed to enter which really sucks for me cause I love wearing fashionable clothes and dresses and I'm stuck with towns ppl clothes and despite the fact I'd have to get an manicure done every time I shift I'd love to be able to get my nails done too this town is mostly old folks and very very few children there is only abt 2,000 in body count in this town so everyone know everyone and it's mostly humans.

My pack has slowly died off from either old age or in battle and the pack only consisted of mainly males and one female every so often but we have very short life spans my grandmother only was able to live till her 40s before she died leaving her two sons my dad and uncle my dad had been the only one who was able to mate with a Rogue woman by the name Brier and that's all I know she and my father died in the last pack fight 11 years ago when I was 7 but not before the gave birth to my twin brothers Reese and Malcolm after they passed the alpha took us in and I was fine with that cause Billy the alphas son was my age so we grew up together and today is my 18th birthday so I'm off the whole day free from pack duty and so I picked my favorite field and plopped down on the biggest clover patch I could find surrounded by small white wild flowers my little spot gave me the perfect view of the town I love if i ever have a pup I'd want him or her to come here with me and watch meany sun sets with me .

falling backward I lay down flat ontop my clover pillow and drift off to sleep .

That following year the alpha and the last remaining elder wolves was killed by a passing pack rogues leaving Billy , me and twin brothers the last of the remaining Clover pack .

" Happy birthday Dana " whispered Billy as he leaned into my right ear .

we where all quite drunk celebrating our win from defending our territory from a smaller pack of rogues and slash celebrating my birthday, which is I am now 20 .

"Dana ?"

looking up from hearing my name Billy is giving me a worried look .

" Billy I miss everything how it used to be and I'm scared that everyone will die that I love .

you , my brother are all I have left ." I say as I began to sob .

Billy quickly walks over to me and hugs me and I wrap my arms around his shoulders and hug him as tight as I can.

after several minutes Billy pushes me back slightly so he could put his hands on my face .

"Dana I love you . I have always loved you and I'd gladly die for you and I'd be damned if I I ever let anything happen to you ."

it didn't take long after that we had began to kiss and one thing led after the other and long behold two months later I found out I was pregnant.

I was so happy I didnt know what to do I have yet to tell Billy he'd know now if he step in this room cause my hormones have finally changed and its filled this whole room of mine , but Billy and my brothers have been guarding the territory and I've been stuck in my room so ive desided to write in this little gernal.

Who knew I'd be doing this ? I had never been the writer type but thinking of my unborn baby have put different perspectives of thing and I want my baby to know about what happened to her family.

2-15 -20

I coughed up blood again and Billy is growing more frantic as time passes cause we do not know what is making me sick .

" Is it the baby ?" I hear Billy ask the dr .

" No Sir I believe its quite the opposite I think that child is the only thing keeping her alive ."

i hear the dr whisper and then silence .

A few seconds later Billy had walked into my hospital room . your fathers face has slowly started to slim down and he dropped 30bls

I am worried how he will react when I die hes starving himself just to pay for the city drs since we no longer have a pack dr we where forced to reach out.

My baby you are not here yet and I know things maybe difficult but I pray if there is a god hed let me spend time with you or at least see you just once I want to see a big bright smile on your small beautiful face I dont know yet I'd your a boy of girl but I hope no matter what you'll be happy.

8- 28 -20

baby it's time I'll finally get to see baby girl I'm a balling mess but I'm happy my sweet little girl ....

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