Monstrous Beauty Of Young Master Li Book

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Monstrous Beauty Of Young Master Li


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WARNING (MATURE CONTENT) Imagine you are allowed to love only one person in this life. What will you do if you find out that the love of your life has a hidden wife? Yulan, a lovely mermaid who lived in the deep blue sea. She was the daughter of Queen Ying, who rule down the waters for ages. On a stormy night, when no humans was supposed to be seen closed to the sea. Li Lian a stranger who was lying unconscious on the sea bank. She saved his life and helped him regained his memory, few months later, he left and never returned. Before he leaving, Li Lian promised to come back and marry Yulan, the underworld princess. Yulan waited for many years, but he never showed up. With disappointment and love in her heart, she left the sea water to find her true love. Li lian , Young CEO of the most popular chocolate Company went on a voyage with his friends. On their way, a storm struck and he lost all his friends including the sailors. By the time, li Lian woke up his memory was gone and all he could remembered was a beautiful mermaid, princess Yulan saved his life. She was the most beautiful creature, he had ever set his eyes on. He became attracted to her and fell in love . After, some time, Li Lian regained his memory and left the sea with a promise to come back and marry Yulan. But he kept a deep secret from Her - the fact that he was married….. Ride on with me on this journey, the princess of underworld had embarked…let’s find out if these two lovers we’re met to be together or separately as their world had designed them to be.


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