Monsters Of The Abyss
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Monsters Of The Abyss


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What is Monsters Of The Abyss

Monsters Of The Abyss is a popular web novel written by the author jordiMaverick_bW, covering SYSTEM, ADVENTURE, ACTION, SCHOOL-LIFE, SCIENCE AND MAGIC, MASTER AND SERVANT, MADSCIENTIST, DRAMA, UNDERESTIMATEDMC, Magical Realism genres. It's viewed by 69.2K readers with an average rating of 4.83/5 and 19 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 25 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Astolfo is there as a reference to the Idol Prince Wang, but with blue hair and eyes. Joaquin Z. Alder's life takes a different turn after a night with his alchemy teacher. After establishing contact with an unknown entity, he must now stand at the top of Heaven's Gate academy. To ensure that upon leaving the school, he can stand on top of the world. Starting up with no mana, special abilities, friends or allies. Joaquin embarks on the journey to find out whether he is on a path to bring peace or more chaos like the zeroes that came before him. "Will he take part in ending the world or healing it."


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Made this for the WPC and lost. But I want to continue the novel because I fell in love with the magical system and I have spent the last days fixing it to prepare for the next battles. I hope you guys support me. Shameless author out!!!


SO- REREVIEW BECAUSE THIS HAS BE RE-UPLOADED. Last time I horribly said something tasteless in a review which was about your personal life. I am so sorry about that. Focusing on the story though, I love how you're going with the same plot but with more polished concepts. I, however, do miss the auxiliary chapters you made explaining the magic system of the world. I would've loved if that was still there. Overall, looking at the previous to what you're writing now, there's a lot of improvement and that's why I'm giving this book a higher score than before. Keep writing Jordi.


Hi. Okay, so I just finished reading this book.... and I must say that it was somewhat confusing at times. Also the characters could be a bit more described when this gets rebooted. The author said this is getting rewritten soon so what I write here today might not even apply then when any of you future readers start it... Anyways... off to read some other books I added to my “Not Started Yet” Collection List... See y’all in the comments section abd bye for now!


I'm captivated by the world of game and levellings you've created in this work. A fabulous work piece which I truly liked. Keep up with the updates. Good work author[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


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Hi, Author. I read and reviewed your book and it is very nice. If you are interested in publishing your work or future works on a platform that will pay you author support up to 400$ based word count and publishing frequency then mail bayoeditor@gmail.com A brief sample and link will be appreciated when reaching out.


You ruined my plan to be a ghost reader😭😭😭😭 this book is so awesome. Like wow. *sips tea* let's get down to business. This book needs...more freaking chapters. So aMAZing LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! NO CAP(👀💃)


My first time reading leveling and that games(I forgot I think RPG) novel. Very interesting so far. Funny and something new for me. Best of luck author.


Might as well read this another fantasy book! It got the RPG game in it, and it's super cool! Got to recommend it to everyone, the fantasy books are so lit!


Good solid Rpg . I am a fan of this genre and especially like the leveling up system and this story brilliantly displays it. The system is comical but helpful and the mc is loke your everyday guy.


Good solid LitRPG. If you enjoy stories about systems and leveling to greatness, don't pas up Monsters Of The Abyss. The system makes him grope a cop FFS. How can you not read about that?


Other than maybe the minor hiccups in your spelling and how you present the system, this is an overall pretty good work. Sorry I can't give you full marks, but I might change my opinion when you continue to work on this project and in your writing. I also saw your notes and how you started taking english lessons, I hope that they stick with you and improve your work.


Bruh first things first why you should read this..... ITS NOT A HAREM (HAREM DESTROYER SECT MASTER SAYS SO HIMSELF (ME CHAOS GOD) 2) other than no harem it seems interesting from the tags it’s obvious that it’s kinda R-18 with a master-slave relationship, system novel lovers and most importantly gore and torture (not sure about torture but since there is gore there is probably torture) Read at your own discretion but come on we all know the tags already attract you so read


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This book is GOD. That's it. That's the review. THIS BOOK IS GOD! I can't say anything else I mean c'mon what'd you expect me to do write a full fucking synopsis about this **** **** that you can describe this book as FUCKING LEGEND


The main thing that caught my eye in this series is the settings. By that, I mean the world background and the power settings of the characters. It doesn't follow standard tropes and I think there is a lot of unique potential due to that!


I am very intrigued by the world and characters in this story! As of the time of this review there are only eleven chapters available but i hope the author releases more soon.


The magical aspect of the story is quite interesting from the famiglia to the concept of runes. Although there seems to be a lot of characters, I feel more description for these characters would help me imagine them better. Also I could not find any that I am interested in personally. I’m interested to see where everything goes from the Master-Slave contract, Ruben and Joaquin relationship, and the characters growth. The writing can get a bit confusing and has grammar issues for me, but the dialogues between characters were fun to read.


The system is great, everything else is mediocre at best. When things happen, they don't happen naturally they feel forced. The writing isn't that great, and there really isn't a clear red line. The characthers seem okay, haven't read enough to understand them yet but I don't get a strong impression from them. The world is a mess, and there are too many info dumps happening, and its too blatantly obvious. Anyhow, keep writing. You're doing well!


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