1 Entry 1: Greater Ghouls

Greater Ghouls [AKA Alghouls]:

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Greater Ghouls are the most powerful in the ghoul family on the known planes, they have medium spikes on their backs which can get larger after they see a comrade die [a fellow Greater Ghoul] to the point if you don't use a ranged attack they will slightly stab you while you are trying to swing your sword at them, the best way to defeat them when your close would be to get a shield and run or cast a spell to get protected and then get a long spear and jab them, this is a sport among the wealthy classes. They are sentient are are very capable of killing people, so sometimes young lords just purchase their heads and say that they hunted them all by themselves to impress whomever they want to. They are also sentient, it is not uncommon for people to make deals with these ghouls, to either kill rivals, destroy pastures, or other types of malice.

Most Alghouls go in packs of about 10 - 20, its rare to see them much larger than that. Or they become a leader of a pack of Ghouls..

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