35 Blocked by a Flock of Geese

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Lin Huang was tossing and turning the night before. Perhaps it was the tea that kept him awake.

The next day, it was nine o'clock in the morning when he woke up.

Lin Huang tidied up his things and ate breakfast. He then summoned Bai and continued with their journey.

Xue Luo healed the broken Life Wheel. Lin Huang could feel the speed of lifespan loss significantly reduced and there was also a certain degree of improvement in his physique as well.

Taking into account the improvement from his ‘Robust’ skill, Lin Huang felt that his physique was no longer weaker than other Reserve Hunters on iron-level.

He was able to move a much faster speed than before.

Within four hours, he had reached the height of 700 meters, which was 5,500 meters above sea level.

Just before Lin Huang was able to take a rest, a flock of white big birds flew in their direction.

Lin Huang could recognize them from far away; they were the White Feathered Goose. They were also a type of mutant. They would hunt for fishes as their main sources of food and would never provoke creatures bigger in size. However, they were not afraid of humans.

Under normal circumstances, Lin Huang would have brushed their presence aside but because Xue Luo had told them to be careful, his guard was up.

The White Feathered Goose was huge. It was around five meters wide when they expanded their wings. They were strong enough to snatch humans with their claws. They were probably controlled by the transcendant monster Xue Luo talked about, the monster that manipulated their minds to hunt for food.

"Bai! Quickly, dig a hole!" Lin Huang shouted.

The flock of geese approaching them looked furious. He had to get himself a safe shelter. They were at a height around 5,000 meters above sea level but Lin Huang did not have wings to jump anywhere and if he lost balance and fell, he would most certainly die.

As soon as Bai dug out a cave, Lin Huang stretched out his left hand to hang over the cliff while he held his GrayEagle17 in his right hand. He turned his body to attack the geese when they came close to him.

Most of the White Feathered Goose were iron-level monsters. The specially made bullets for the GrayEagle17 only had an impact on their feathers. It failed to penetrate through to their bodies.

After several shots, some of the White Feathered Goose groaned in pain but realized that the bullets could not injure them and so, they pounced on Lin Huang again.

Bai already went into the hole but it was still a few meters away from Lin Huang. The hole was not deep and Bai could not dig any further.

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A few from the flock of White Feathered Goose fluttered their wings, getting into a position to catch Lin Huang. Lin Huang had nowhere to dodge and he watched helplessly as the claws emerged from their feet as they grabbed him.

At that moment, blood splashed in the air. The White Feathered Goose that grabbed him had its head chopped in half, rolling over the cliff.

Lin Huang felt something grabbing onto his waist tightly. As he looked down, he saw Bai’s Blood Power layer pulling him toward the hole.

Lin Huang tried to free himself but chose to trust Bai instead. He released his left hand which he used to hang from the cliff when he shot at the geese. As soon as he released his hand, he felt a strong force dragging him back into the cave.

Lin Huang felt safe as soon as his body touched the ground of the cave.

"Thanks." He said while he stood up in the cave and thanked Bai, nodding his head. He then walked out of the cave.

The flock of White Feathered Goose had not left yet. They were all trying to squeeze into the cave as they saw Lin Huang when they saw Lin Huang’s head pop out into the entrance of the cave.

Lin Huang retreated a few steps back as it was not safe.

Bai dug two meters wide and two meters long in the cave. It would be impossible for them to enter in with their huge body.

However, the White Feathered Goose seemed to enjoy the torture because the more they pushed themselves in, the more they were injured by the sharp cave edges.

The geese were persistent. Even after two to three hours, they remained outside the cave and as time passed by, the number of geese increased.

"Damn! Are they blocking my way out?!" Lin Huang was suddenly struck by the thought. There were incidents about humans being bullied by geese. There were many videos uploaded online and though they were funny at the time, he had never expected this to happen to him on a cliff in a dire situation, instead of a funny one.

Lin Huang had a slight headache. The GrayEagle17 was ineffective against the flock of White Feathered Goose and to make matters worse, he was down to his last four bullets. It was not enough to kill the geese.

Though Bai was capable of upgrading itself to use its Blood Power to kill them, its Blood Power could only reach a distance of fewer than 20 meters which was not far enough to reach the outside of the cave.

They waited for another three hours and as the skies outside became darker; Lin Huang took a glance outside the cave to check on the flock of White Feathered Goose. Unfortunately, his initial predictions were right, they were still there.

"It seemed like they were not going anywhere. If they are blocking my way, how am I going to complete my assessment?" Lin Huang pondered.

All of a sudden, he shifted his gaze to the inner parts of the cave. "Foothold No.7D121 is located at the other side at the foot of the Alps. Does this mean that if we dig deeper to the other side of the Alps, we could eventually reach the foothold using the pathway through this cave?!"

A growling sound came from the direction of the flock of White Feathered Goose, interrupting Lin Huang’s thoughts.

Lin Huang popped his head silently out of the cave to catch of glimpse of what was happening. Over hundreds of geese escaped once a black giant bird flying began approaching them.

Lin Huang recognized it, it was a giant known as the Black Cliff Sparrow.

Its body was around 30 meters long and its wings were 50 meters wide fully open. It was a gigantic monster that was much bigger than Tyrant.

Based on its size alone, it almost reached bronze-level.

The flock of White Feathered Goose was no longer in sight. The Black Cliff Sparrow did not attack but instead used its sharp claws, to hold onto the upper part of the cave entrance before taking a peek into the cave.

Lin Huang and the Black Cliff Sparrow came face to face…

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