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Monster Evolution System: A Taste of Power


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Consume and adapt to survive. That becomes a motto for Kai, a once average college student, as he loses the person closest to him to a mage and is thrust into a world hidden under the modern one. A world where mages and magic thrive. Where magical monsters of myth roam strange realms. Where mysterious magical associations vie for supremacy while vile and hidden threats build up in the darkness. In this world, Kai must survive, find vengeance, and, perhaps, along the way, save a realm or two. ======== Alternate Title: A Taste of Power Disclaimer: Like my other novel on this site, my writing tends to go slow and build up for many chapters. I hope the story will be interesting regardless, but please keep this in mind. Readability Guarantee: There is one thing I can guarantee, however, and that is writing quality. The plot may not agree with you, but at the least, I can ensure that everything is written with good readability at a minimum and highly detailed action and imagery at its best. ======= Update Rate: 1-2 per day


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