Monster Devourer: System
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Monster Devourer: System


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What is Monster Devourer: System

Monster Devourer: System is a popular web novel written by the author SirLazeAlot, covering SYSTEM, APOCALYPSE, MONSTER, APOCALYPTIC, FANTASY, GORE, DUNGEON, MONSTEREATER, GREEK MYTHOLOGY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 215.2K readers with an average rating of 4.53/5 and 11 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 23 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


a barrier that separates the mana to the Earth was broken. giving birth to beings that can't be explained by modern Science. Dungeon are materializing , it causes people to risk there lives to eradicate its core before it's to late. Ecosystem was change, animal that once walk the earth was almost extinct. while the new kinds of creatures took there place. in this dangerous world, a teen named Neo will do anything to save humanity in the verge of extinction . Monster Devourer. Dungeons system monsters apocalypse greek gods different realm story development romance evolution mana artifacts beast companion weak to strong discovering mana technology gods goddesses demon monster grill dragons etc thats all. thank you


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Wasn't expecting much from this novel, but after reading up to the latest chapter i have to say that it has alot of potential to become a great novel for the apocalyptic genre's. The plot is consistent without to many plot holes, grammar is not bad at all (but will still hope the author keeps improving), the mc isn't a idiot hero, but can use his brains and think for himself, instead of being a slave to others, not to much cliche but has alot of original content such as the technology level in the world. The only problem i find in the novel is the system, it comes of as to pretentious and arrogant towards the person he's asking for help.. maybe because the amount of chapters isn't much I just hope the Author clarifies this problem and makes the system less controlling, as we know he got his powers before the system so he should not be too dependent. Thats all, keep up the great work Author~san.


mc that thinks with his brain not hid d*ck? √ cute little sister? √√ monsters? √ story development √ greek mythology √ brave mc√ my review 5 star √√√√√


This is a story with a lot of potential I really liked it the only problem would be the writing quality but that could be fixed with time. I will be waiting for future updates 😋😎


im a man with a few words Good novel !!!


Writng quality is an eye sore. There have been grammer issues, poor word choices and the like choices on every chapter so far. The story development however, isn't bad. The event transitions are really smooth. Although I can't deny some stuff can come abruptly from time to time and make the story feel unatural. Character design. Pretty pathetic and linear. The little sister's personality is perfect, more or less, can't expect a six year old to be intricate. On the other hand, main character seems to be a joke. Namely him being ugly. On the topic of ugly character's you'd expect the MC and his sister, to get disgusted, uneasy looks or bad treatment from humans. That doesn't happen which I find unrealistic. World background. Complete jibberish. Though maybe you can make sense of it.


I Like the world and the blending of fantasy and modern. I like the interesting way the mc acquires his skills. I have always been fascinated by transformations and look forward to seeing his progress. I just hope that all his changes don’t remain hidden. So many time the mc gets a fantastic transformation, but when around other people the the revert to plain ole human.


This novel is so good to be true, can't take my eyes in this ****. It feels like heaven to read, I wanna take a **** so much. If this novel got some drive, thank God its still alive.


Need more chapters please.


Phenomenal writing with great character and world building great action good development no real harm bs cant wait for more when the series picks back up


The novel would be good if I was able to understand what written. Not only grammar but actual word choice and spelling, it’s really difficult to understand.


Don't mind me, just an author adding a review.


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